The 17th Shahrivar saga - the nation's resistance against conspiracies

The 17th Shahrivar saga - the nation's resistance against conspiracies

Shahrīvar 17, which is indicative of the inhuman and un-Islamic crimes of the monarchy and one of God’s days, and expresses the nation’s withstanding, and resistance against oppressors and criminals, is alive and will remain alive in the memory of the combatant Iranian nation.

The brave and combatant people of Iran, on that day and the days of suffocating atmosphere in which the hatchet men of the deposed Shāh committed all sorts of crime, demonstrated that to attain their human-Islamic goals, they were ready to stand like an iron dam, were not afraid of brutal mass killings and were determined to stay on their path. Since 17 Shahrīvar up to today marking its proud anniversary, no weakness or lassitude has crept into the iron will of the revolutionary Iranian nation; rather, every event and disaster make the people more determined and harmonious.

Shahrīvar 17 should be a lesson to those blind-hearted people who imagined that by martyring a number of committed leaders of the country, they could break the enormous dam of powerful and brave Muslims. A nation which has got over Khordād 15, Shahrīvar 17 and other days and has removed any obstacle like a roaring flood cannot be intimidated nor can this turbulent sea be hindered from raging by such cowardly acts which are committed only by defeated, desperate and disposed elements.

Sahifeh-ye-Imam. V 15. P 166

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