Imam Khomeini brought about positive changes in order to raise women status in current era: Dr. Khomsari

Imam Khomeini brought about positive changes in order to raise women status in current era: Dr. Khomsari

The head of institute for compilation and publication of Imam Khomeini says that the founder of the Islamic Revolution brought about very positive changes in order to raise the women status in contemporary history.

Hojjat al-Islam Dr. Ali Komsari made remarks while addressing a gathering of female university students.

He said that Imam’s ideals and thought has so much potential and so much energy to further the objectives of not only the Iranian nation, but for entire world communities

One of the golden aspects of Imam's ideals has been his view on the category of women's social role, he said

If we have even a quick look at Imam's thought system, we can well see what kind of positive development Imam has brought regarding the field of women with his divine-oriented way of looking.

In contemporary era, women were caught between rigid and aggressive views of even some religious currents.   

Some traditionalists and Salafists, which with a strict and limiting view considered the ideal Muslim woman to be such one which remained isolated and stayed at home. And this was all done on the pretext of maintaining chastity, hijab and decency. This theory prohibited her from taking part in any social activities and even she was not allowed to study.  

The other school of thought on the opposite side, is completely westernized, which considers the ideal woman to be free from any limitations and boundaries.  

Apparently, these two views or schools were completely different and facing each other on two fronts, but the common outcome of the both theories was depriving the woman of her main role.  

That is, our women and girls should either maintain their religiousness and be deprived of political, social, scientific, sports, artistic and cultural rights or remained free without any defined boundaries. 

I want to say that such an atmosphere and thought ruled our society in the past.

A third narrative which was introduced by Imam regarding women has been focused on granting women to their comprehensive social and political roles.  Imam's key and golden action in the field of women was to prove that such perspectives was in accordance with our religious and cultural traditions and has no contradictions with the requirements of the time.

"There is no doubt It was the Imam's art that brought religion from an individual sphere to the heart of the community and provided medicine for a historical pain and was also favored by the society," Dr. Komsari said. 

In this third perspective which is comprehensive and presented by Imam, a woman can fulfill her individual duties, and can maintain her decency, chastity, and role as a wife, mother and sister. 

It not only confronted the rigid Salfists and Western theories, but also has been contrary to the feminist reading, which sometimes considers even playing the role of a mother to be contrary to a woman's individual freedom and individual identity.

 Imam also found the opportunity to implement it into practice. This is the difference between Imam and many religious leaders.

The imam makes different statements about women on theoretical grounds, and you have seen the practical signs of it.

Imam said on one of historic occasions as following:

 "Woman is the teacher of the society, people are born from the woman's bosom".

 Imam does not only mean the formative role of mother; He wants to say that women have this role in terms of education and social construction.

 He clearly indicates that "the happiness and misery of countries or communities depends on the existence of women".


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