Imam Khomeini explained how to eradicate the roots of anger

Imam Khomeini explained how to eradicate the roots of anger

Imam Khomeini through his theological works advised believers to eradicate the roots of anger and decorate themselves with divine virtues.

Imam explains the subject through his famous work "an expositon on Forty Hadith" as following:  

Among the fundamental remedies of anger, one is to exterminate the factors responsible for its provocation.

They are many, and here we can mention only a few of them.

One of them is self-love, which in ‘turn begets the love of wealth, glory, and honor and the desire to impose one’s will and expand one’s domain of power.

These factors are inherently responsible for exciting the fire of anger, as the individual infatuated with these things tends to hold them in high regard and they occupy a high place in his heart.

He, improperly, gets angry and excited if any one of these aspired goals is not achieved or when his desire faces any obstacle and loses control over himself.

Greed, avarice, and such other vices that take root in his heart as a result of self-love and the love of glory, snatch the reins of reason from his hands, leaving the self to commit deeds that deviate from the path of Divine Law and reason.

But if his love and interest in these things is not intense-and he gives lesser importance to these matters, his inner calm and contentment, obtained by giving up the love of wealth, honor and the like, will not allow his self to act against the demands of justice.

 Then, he will not find it difficult to maintain his patience in hardships, and will not lose grip of self-restraint.

He would not get angry unnecessarily and abnormally. If the love of the world is eradicated from his heart and this vice is completely wiped out, then all other vices also take leave and vanish from it, vacating the realm of the soul to be taken over by moral virtues.


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