Dr. Komsari advised public masses to use their right to vote in elections

Dr. Komsari advised public masses to use their right to vote in elections

Head of the institute for compilation and publication of Imam Khomeini’s works has advised nations to use their right to vote during parliamentary and Assembly of Experts elections.

In remarks on Friday, he advised people to ensure the massive participation and higher voter turnout at the polling stations.

He said that taking not part in vote or missing this opportunity would amount to be negligence with their fate and destiny.

Hojjat al-Islam Ali Komsari went onto say that if certain layers or classes of society have problems with authorities, they could be conveyed, mentioned and conveyed through legal platforms and channels.

He also hoped for massive participation of people across Tehran and highlighted that usually electoral competition seems higher and tougher among candidates in other provinces across the country.

The religious scholar made remarks while casting his vote at a polling station in Tehran’s Jamarn neighbor.

The head of institute concluded by saying that people once again will disappoint the enemies of Islamic Revolution by their massive participation in the elections.

One of the important achievements of Imam Khomeini's movement after centuries of tyranny, monarchy and autocracy of great powers is holding elections in a free, popular manner and with awareness to all people and all classes.

In this context, Imam emphasized on the universality of the election and bringing in all classes of people from men and women, old and young, urban and rural, university and seminary, literate and illiterate, businessman and professional, etc.

  He gave a different color to this matter and ordered that all people should be involved in their destiny and participate in this important matter.

 In this way, Imam gave personality to everyone and made them responsible.

Article Six of the Iranian Constitution reiterates that the administration of the affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran should be based on the public opinion expressed by the means of elections.

Iran has held 40 rounds of different elections, including presidential and parliamentary ones, since the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979.




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