Imam Khomeini's statements on the eve of Nowruz Festival

Imam Khomeini's statements on the eve of Nowruz Festival

Millions of people in Iran and several other countries are celebrating the Persian New Year or Nowruz. The founder of the Islamic Republic in his works, messages and speeches a deep relations between the spring of season and spiritual transformation of mankind.

According to the Imam Khomeini, the holy Quran brings spring as an evidence to day of resurrection.

On the eve of each new Persian year, Imam used to issue special messages through which he put emphasis on spiritual transformation. But he also never neglected financial needs and manners of such festivities.

Nowruz festivities are preceded by Chaharshanbeh Suri, a festival of fire during which Iranians make bonfires and jump over them. The symbolic tradition is meant to trade one’s ailments and problems with the flames’ warmth, energy and power of life.

Families take advantage of the two-week holidays to join together for house visits and outdoor fun events. For Iranians, Nowruz is a celebration of renewal and change.

The great leader of the Muslim world also advise believers and devotees to recite the Quranic verses and supplication narrated by the holy prophet and his infallible successors during these auspicious days. Imam Khomeinis role in honoring Nowruz and changing the way Iranians viewed this day has been influential. The Imam released a statement for Nowruz every year, where he congratulated the New Year to everyone and gave useful advice for people to carry out in the upcoming year.

volunteers and for all the armed forces of the military and non-military, the Guards Corps and all of them. God willing may this year be an auspicious year for the nation of Iran and bring victory in its wake. God willing, victory be destined for the oppressed nations of the world and the Muslims of the world and we and the beloved nation of Iran be grateful and show gratitude for these blessings that the Blessed and Almighty God has granted them. God has given abundant bounties to the entire universe, which cannot be calculated. We do not have the power to recount all the blessings that the Blessed and Almighty God has given to us but to the extent that we can. The things that the Blessed and Almighty God has granted to our nation are many. Among them is that we were rescued from the cultural and moral deviations and connected us to a higher degree of morality and culture; victory on the warfronts and loftier than that is the victory over the carnal soul that our youth and a broad strata have attained.

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