The International Quds Day

The International Quds Day

The Islamic World should not keep quiet against the oppression and suppression of the Palestinians. Imam Khomeinirevived the pro Palestinian movements by naming the last Friday of Ramadan “the International Quds Day”, when the Zionists committed another crime in Lebanon.

Imam Khomeini later said that the Quds Day is the day of war of the oppressed against the oppressors.

The issue of Quds is not a private or personal issue. It is neither the exclusive problem of one country nor a present day problem of all Muslims. Rather, it is a phenomenon concerning the monotheists and faithful people of all ages past, present and future. "

Imam on historic occasions also said as following:

“Do not the authorities of the nation see or know that diplomatic talks with history's criminal and powerful politicians cannot save Lebanon, Palestine or quds and the number of crimes and oppressions increases daily. “

Imam Khomeini said in a speech about Quds day that it is the day "we should warn all superpowers that they must get back to their position… it is the day we must revive Islam and Islamic rules in Muslim countries… the day we should warn all superpowers that Islam is no longer under your dominion and it will never happen by your devil agents. Quds day is the day of revival of Islam."

The late founder of the Islamic Republic had directed Iranian authorities to raise the Palestinian issue on all international and diplomatic forums such as the United Nations and spare no efforts to raise awareness’s among the world public in this regard.

Imam through his speeches exposed the Israeli regime crimes being committed against the Palestinian people and insisted the need to revive and defend their rights.

The Leader warned of the "great danger of consigning the Palestinian issue to oblivion."

“Palestine is the number one issue of the Islamic world, but some Islamic countries are acting in such a way as to have the Palestinian case ignored and forgotten."

On this day, the Muslims of the world take to the streets to condemn Israeli occupation, torture, crimes against humanity by bombardment of civilian targets and systematic killing of the young protesters demanding Israeli withdrawal from the occupied territories of the Palestinians. 

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