Imam emphasizes establishing Islamic academic platforms

Imam emphasizes establishing Islamic academic platforms

Imam Khomeini the great religious and spiritual leader of the Muslim world advised all Islamic and academic organizations to undertake serious efforts in order to introduce the real and genuine teachings of Islam across the globe.

The founder of the Islamic Republic guided the authorities to establish several organizations, academic and educational centers which could promote the true teachings of Islam and universal face of the Muslim world.

 "You should show the shining appearance of Islam to the world for if such an appearance is emerged with such a beautiful face mentioned in Quran and the traditions regarding every dimension, and if it can be emerged from the mask of the opponents of Islam as well as the misunderstanding of the [so- called] proponents, Islam will become universal,” the great Imam said. The great Imam set guidelines to set up the organization for emancipation of the Islamic thought known as Sazman-eTablighat-e Islami in order to publish and spread the Islamic literature across the different regions of the world.

"I appreciate the remarkable works done by this organization and implore God Almighty to grant greater success to the gentlemen. What counts is that in such issues that deal with Islam all people participate. Today, people actively participate in everything related to the Islamic Republic, because they see no separation between themselves and these organizations. We should preserve the people and people should be present at the scene. We are still mid-way through. We should do what Islam has demanded of us all, which is presenting it in its real form of the whole world. We have just started this and should continue with it."

The organization have conducted several researches, translated a great number of Islamic books in different languages and published hundreds of Islamic books over some past few years.

Imam encouraged the Islamic scholars and Muslim youth to take concrete academic steps in order to confront the Islamophobia and anti-Muslim propaganda being spread by some enemies and ill-wishers.

The great leader of the Muslim world deemed that some elements within the Western societies were using all means on their disposal to undermine the religion and spirituality and especially targeting the genuine and fundamental teachings of Islam.

"Advertisement is one of the very important issues that stand on top of all affairs. Notice that the propaganda operations carried out in the world are all against us. It should be said that almost all those who are not against us are silent. Without exception all radios, the press and the interviews conducted abroad are all against the Islamic Republic and Islam. They do not want Islam and see Iran as the one country presenting Islam to the world. If Islam is presented to the world, people will accept it and their interests will be at stake." Imam said in one of his speeches.

The great Imam, also, declared that some opponents had launched smear campaign of Irano-phobia and Islamo-phobia and were using improper and dirty tricks to defame and demonize Islam and the Muslims and the Islamic Republic.

"They oppose Iran for this reason, not because of its population or people. They oppose it because it has turned into an Islamic country. They not only did not oppose Iran in the time of Muhammad-Reza but also approved of it because at that time Iran was in their hands to their liking. However, an Iran that is not in their hand, is opposed to them, and refuses to carry out their desires, is not what they want. They are pounding Islam under the cover of Iran."

The great Imam maintained that the Muslim world and intellectuals could foil the misconception against Islam by promoting the true and pure teachings and real features of this great divine religion. He believed that Islam must be introduced to other nations in its real form in order to thwart poisonous propaganda by the sworn enemies and opponents of this great school of thought.

Imam made it clear that these ill-wishers of Islam must be confronted by academics, scholars and educational organizations and platforms such as Sazman-e Tablighat-e Islami

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