Imam Khomeini addressed the entire world, not just Iranians

Imam Khomeini addressed the entire world, not just Iranians

It was all of humanity and not just the Iranian nation that was addressed in Imam Khomeini’s political statements and ideas

The Iranian nation embraced this message, adhered to it and fought for it, thus gained dignity and independence.

But all of humanity was addressed by this message.

The political school of thought of Imam pursues such a blessing, independence, dignity and faith for the entire Islamic nation and for all of humanity. This is a duty that has been placed on the shoulders of Muslims.

Of course, the difference between Imam’s school of thought with that of those who consider themselves as having a global commitment lies in that Imam’s political school of thought does not endeavor to impose its ideas and its path on any nation using force, weapons and torture.

The Americans too say that they have a duty to promote human rights and democracy in the world. Is using atomic bombs in Hiroshima the way to promote democracy? Is it promoted using canons, waging wars and launching coups in Latin America and Africa?

In the Middle East today too, one is witness to much deception and oppression and also to many criminal activities.

They want to promote human rights and carry out their international duty using these instruments! However, the political school of thought of Islam explains its correct worldview and new ideas, and then it leaves them alone in the minds of human beings so that their spring breeze and sweet scent may spread everywhere.

Those who have a sound sense of smell inhale and benefit from this scent. Today too, many countries in the world have already benefited from it.

The Palestinians say that they owe their revival and reawakening to Imam.

The Lebanese say that Imam’s school of thought taught them how to defeat the Zionist army and how to expel them. Muslims everywhere in the world – Muslim youth and Muslim intellectuals – consider their intellectual victories in political fields as having their origins in the Imam’s school of thought.

The masses of Muslims feel dignified due to the name of Islam.

This is due to Imam’s global outlook regarding the issues concerning human beings, and this outlook is not confined to the world of Islam. That is why the issue of Palestine is a main issue for us today.

The sufferings of the Islamic nation are painful for us. What is happening in the world of Islam is of primary importance to the Iranian nation and to those who are attached to the name and memory of our magnanimous Imam. That is why they cannot turn a blind eye to these matters.

( Excerpts from remarks by the leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei)

Delivered on June 3, 2004


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