A Sincere Gathering with Guests from Turkey: Second Part

A Sincere Gathering with Guests from Turkey: Second Part

Shia Muslims' identity across Turkey is closely associated and linked with Imam Khomeini's name, says Bayram Touran, a foreign guest attending the 24th passing away anniversary of the founder of the Islamic Republic.

  Bayram Touran who was among the foreign guests attending the 24thpassing away anniversary of the founder of the Islamic Republic says Shia Muslims' identity across Turkey is closely associated and linked with Imam Khomeini's name.

Friday evening, it was the 31st of May; the cultural committee hosted a meeting of guests from Turkey. Mr.  Musa Ada, Bayram Touran and Rajab Sarihan were among this gathering of significance. They responded to our reporters and answered their queries as following:

Question: Some believe that the Islamic Revolutions in the strategic regions were inspired by the Islamic Awakening, while some others maintain that these were outcome of the Arab spring. What are your analysis regarding this issue?

Bayram Touran: The United States and its allies are widely funding to preach the ideas of so-called American version of Islam. The great Imam introduced the pure thought and teachings in its original form as preached by the holy prophet of Islam (peace be upon him). So the current revolutions across the region were certainly inspired and are outcome of the Islamic Revolution of Iran. However, some volatile powers want to divert the thought and influence of opinions.

Question: You may want to mention any memories from the years of Imam's exile and his stay in Turkey?

Musa Ada: an old man in Turkish city of Boursa says that Imam was too punctual and regular that "we used to fix our clocks and watches in accordance with Imam's schedule."  Imam always used to mention dikr or remembering of God almighty in all states and circumstances. I had reordered and written the precious sayings of Imam during my youth- hood and I always believed that Imam belong to the whole Muslim world.

Question: How much did Imam give importance to managing the prayers at its earliest timings and why he did not give up this important pillar of Islam even during his last moment of life?

Sarihan: Imam used to perform worship and prayers in thanks to God Almighty and he was a religious scholar who gave great importance to putting sayings into actions.

Question: What constructive proposals and suggestions you may put forward to spread Imam's dynamic thought abroad especially in Turkey?

Sarihan: We can introduce Imam's personality and thought by producing simple and dynamic animation movies and using other contemporary communication platforms.

Musa Ada: Special programs should be produced and released on international channels about Imam Khomeini's unique life and his dynamic thought.

Touran: Establishment of the world Assembly of Ahl al-Bayt forum is good sample and a platform for this job of great significance. We also must highlight the simple life style adopted by the Imam. Imam's thought and writings can be promoted by translating more of his books into Turkish language. We must also equip public and mosque libraries with his writings and precious books. We can use press and religious magazine to promote and spread Imam's ideals.

Question: We are getting closer to the Eid of Mab'ath when the holy prophet was assigned with the mission by God the Almighty. What are your views in this regard?  

Musa Ada: one of the important purposes of the holy prophet's mission as mentioned by himself was enhancing and promoting the best of ethical codes and moral values. The good moral codes promote dynamic ideals and will also trigger unity between the Sunni and Shia Muslims.

In addition to that, three other guests from Turkey joined our cultural and news committee. From among them was Shaikh Vali Badr who was neighbor of Imam during his stay in Najaf and acted as Imam's preacher in Belgium and he also introduced Imam's jurisprudential books in Turkey.

Mr. Hossein Turk ali and Hossein Akhei also delivered their views about the great Imam. We further read the opinions and views of these three respectful guests as following.

Shaikh Balad: If you want me to express the Imam's personality in brief, I will say he was very serious and used to speak rarely.

Hossein Tarkeleh: The Shia Muslims in Turkey are closely associated with the name of the great Imam. They lead a cordial life alongside Sunnis. I may jump to this conclusion that Imam's revolution has the greatest significance after Imam Hossein (peace be upon him) uprising of Karbala.

Final Expressions, closing this 90-minute long interview, have been uttered by Hossein Akhei:

* The principles and regulations put forward by religion of Islam are accurate and correct. However, sometimes we may witness wrong behaviors or practices by the Muslim people.

We remember that the great Imam used to observe all divine Islamic jurisprudential laws and even the French laws during his stay in Paris.  

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