Imam Raised Awareness among Muslims Through Ramadan and Quran

Imam Raised Awareness among Muslims Through Ramadan and Quran

A prominent Pakistani cleric says that Imam Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic raised awareness among the youth and Muslim societies through the virtues of the holy month of Ramadan and divine ideals of Quran.

Abdul Rahman Noorzai, the leader of Friday congressional prayers in the southwestern Pakistani city of Quetta, made the remarks during an exclusive interview with staff member of Imam Khomeini official website.

The cleric noted that the great Imam could manage to lead a successful Islamic Revolution through pure teachings of the divine holy book of Quran and by encouraging purification of soul during this holy month of great significance.

The cleric went onto say that the great religious and spiritual leader of the Muslim world revived Islam in various parts of the world and guided the youth through the pure teachings of Quran.

Noorzai said that Imam Khomeini always deemed the holy Quran a complete code of life for the Muslims and the whole humankind and practically proved that this unique holy book guides those who seek guidance from it.

The cleric said that Imam confronted the global arrogance and world colonial and imperial powers by announcing the last Friday from the holy month of Ramadan as "International Quds Day".

All Muslims including the Sunnis and Shias equally pay their tribute and respect to the great Imam. The great leader invited us towards monotheism and insisted on following the conduct of the holy prophet of Islam (peace be upon him), Noorzai emphasized

The cleric called for giving special attention to Imam Khomeini's precious academic and intellectual works and promoting them among the youth and the Muslim societies.

We received the religious spirit in Pakistan following the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran in 1979, the cleric added.

He also referred to some poetic verses of famous contemporary poet, Allama Mohammad Iqbal, which states: If you want to lead life of a true Muslim, so it would be impossible without consulting to the divine book of Quran.   

The religious figure concluded that Imam implemented the divine laws and made the Muslims learn that they can gain prosperity in this world and accomplish salvation hereafter through the dynamic teachings and ideals of the holy Quran.





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