Imam's Matchless Leadership Turned Revolution into Eternal

Imam Khomeini's unique and matchless divine-oriented leadership established an eternal revolution, a stable system and founded the Islamic Republic which could never be shaken by a series of bitter events.

Hojjat ul-Islam Seyyed Ali Khomeini, a prominent grandson of the founder of the Islamic Republic, made these remarks while presenting an analysis about the events occurred during the second half of the 20th century.

The great scholar also pointed out towards the latest ongoing revolutions which emerged as victorious in the strategically-important region of Middle East and North Africa regions over the past few years.

According to the intellectual, these movements were not confronted by challenges on such a scale as compare to the hurdles the Islamic Revolution faced in Iran decades ago. But these awakening movements across the MENA regions are still grappling with insecurity and instability. For an instance, the revolution has been overthrown three years after its victory in Egypt and a wave of violence is sweeping the North African country, Ali Khomeini said.

He also went onto say that the revolutions and awakening movements in Tunisia and Libya have not yet achieved certain level of peace and security.

The revolution in Bahrain has also not succeeded to gain its real aims and objectives. Iraq is also being shaken by a wave of violence and lack of security even nearly a decade after the overthrow of the former dictator Saddam, the scholar noted.

The great scholar emphasized what made the Iranian Islamic Revolution distinguished from other recent regional movements was the unique, matchless, wise and divine leadership of Imam Khomeini.

Ali Khomeini said that the great Imam founded the foundations of Islamic Revolution on basis of divine teachings and ethics and challenged the non-moral practices of the former regime at a time when Shah had cemented his position and had been turned into a regional agent of imperial and global arrogant powers.

Imam challenged such a strong regime backed by the global arrogance and imperialism by reliance on God the Almighty and the masses. Imam challenged the immoral and anti-divine actions being practiced by the then regime.

The great leader faced imprisonments, years of exile and several other sufferings but his divine oriented revolution emerged victorious in 1979 and shook pillars of monarchy and its arrogant backers.

The revolution was even confronted by series of challenges and an eight-year long war was imposed against the Islamic Republic.

The Islamic system emerged victorious out of these entire crises due to its divine orientation and unique leadership of great Imam Khomeini, the scholar concluded.



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