Imam Escalated Struggle during Exile Times

Imam Escalated Struggle during Exile Times

Imam Khomeini the founder of the Islamic Republic intensified his struggle during tough times of exile to inform the world about crimes the dictatorial regime of Shah committing in Iran.

The great spiritual and religious leader of the Muslim world was sent to exile by the Shah regime agents following his opposition to a bill known as capitulation.

The capitulation bill was supported and passed by the then Shah regime and its rubber stamped parliament in 1960s. According to law the foreigners especially the Americans were supposed to have immunity if they commit a crime or undertake illegal practice during their stay in Iran.

The great leader strongly opposed the law and warned of its consequences which violated the Iranian sovereignty. Imam also sounded alarms against the bill, saying it also disrespects the Iranian dignity and grandeur.

Imam delivered a historic speech among religious and political elites against the bill in the holy city of Qom and detailed the conspiracies were being hatched by the dictatorial regime of Shah against the masses.

The great leader also warned that some foreign agents wanted to install its military advisors and take over all institutions and industry inside the country. Imam called it a great and unprecedented conspiracy against Iran and Islam.

He called on the general public to confront these types of plots and conspiracies in order to gain independence and sovereignty.

Imam also called on all religious and civil figures to raise awareness about dangers of this law among the general public.

Shah regime had mobilized all his forces to launch a violent crackdown on the religious, political and civil leaders.  The demonstrations and protest rallies were brutally broken up in Tehran, Qom and several other cities across the country.

Next day at a dawn time, the agents of Shah Regime and intelligence services arrested Imam Khomeini. He was deported without delay from Tehran to Turkey.

Then a very short report read by SAVAK radio announced, "Rouhullah Khomeini is in exile."

They announced it without mentioning the destination. People were very upset about this news due to the dangerous circumstances at the time.

They took the Imam to Ankara airport then to Bolvar Palace hotel and the following morning they took him somewhere in Ataturk Street. After a week, the final destination was defined and it was Bursa, which is 460 Kilometers from Ankara.

This city was quiet and unknown to the Iranians thus it posed no threat for the Pahlavi regime. This city had no means of communication and so the Imam had to prepare himself for an isolated life.

While in Bursa the Imam contacted his friends via letters and he never showed that he was unhappy with the circumstances and never complained.

He was content with whatever God had chosen for him and this was expressed in his letters to family and friends.

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