Imam Khomeini Underscored Philosophy of Ashura

Imam Khomeini Underscored Philosophy of Ashura

Imam Khomeini the religious leader of the Muslim world advised the masses and preachers to focus on core message of Ashura and the real practical perspectives of the mourning ceremonies being held each year in remembrance of the sacrifices rendered by grandson of the holy prophet of Islam.

No doubt, the great Imam was staunch supporter of holding these ceremonies where the sufferings of the members of the prophet’s household are expressed and explained for the participants. But he wanted these ceremonies to become a platform for promotion of real Ashura culture and genuine teachings of Islam.

From the viewpoint of Imam Khomeini, in most cases, common people or elites just participate in such ceremonies and shed teas and then leave these religious gatherings without understanding the real message of Islam. The great scholar of Islam emphasized that people must comprehend the objectives Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) was pursuing by this holy resistance and uprising against oppression and tyrant ruler of the time.

The founder of the Islam Republic also said that some previous regimes such as Pahlavi dynasty wanted to eradicate the culture of Ashura from society or wanted the people to hold such religious gatherings without understanding the real philosophy of this important and tragic event.

Imam maintains the culture of Ashura challenges and confronts all types of oppression, tyranny, colonialism and carries cultural, social and political messages. The infallible successors of the holy prophet have recommended of holding such a religious gatherings where sufferings of the Imam Hussein and his pure progeny (peace be upon them) must be expressed. The infallibles wanted these ceremonies to become the platform for promotion of justice and real Islamic administration be developed from such stages.

Given the above-motioned facts, Imam Khomeini used to say the holy months of Muharram and Safar have kept Islam alive and advised preachers to promote genuine teachings during this period. The great intellectuals advised all clerics and deliver such speeches at religious gatherings which can elevate the Islamic societies towards spiritual, moral and political development.

The great Imam himself used to highlight that how the grandson of the holy prophet of Islam, undertook untiring efforts to revive the divine teachings and defended the Islamic societies from cruel and tyrant rulers. 

The founder of the Islamic Republic used to participate in ceremonies which were held in remembrance of sacrifices rendered by Imam Hussein (PBUH) and his loyal companions. Imam used to remind the official and the Muslim masses the traditions narrated by the holy prophet which highlight virtues of Imam Hussein (PBUH) and his role as the lamp of guidance.

“Hussein is from me and I am from him,” said the holy prophet of Islam. It is widely reported in authentic Islamic resources that the holy prophet also said:  “Truly Hussein is the lamp for guidance and the ark for salvation.”

The spiritual leader also advised the Muslim world to pay attention to important message of Ashura which aims promotion of basic principle of Islam and that would be “commanding for good and forbidding from the bad.”

According to great leader, Ashura is the overflowing spring of valor and liberality, and the secret of permanent struggle for safeguarding the Divine religion of Islam, the code which ushers in monotheism and justice, and befits the eminence of human status, so that mankind may, with the help of its God-given consciousness and the fervor of seeking the truth, become fit for the vicegerency of God on earth, and man's soul may become a manifestation of the oneness of God and justice.

Imam maintained that Ashura had played a great role in victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran and it will play decisive role in defeating the tyranny anywhere in the world. Ashura is the inspiration behind the fervent Revolution which is the greatest event of contemporary history, and which took place under the guidance of the great Ashuraic leader of our times, Imam Khomeini, for establishing a society based upon the foundations of monotheism and justice.
it is widely recommended that opportunities for providing a proper understanding of the contents of the Movement of Ashura should be honored, and the presence of scholars and the cultural elite of Iran and the Muslim nations as well as non-Muslim scholars from other countries for understanding, analyzing and contemplating the contents of this event, should be given due regard. Scholarly discussions in this regard could spread and raise the level of knowledge, research and propagation concerning the sublime thoughts of Islam, the Ashura and Imam Khomeini.

Greetings to Hussein ibn Ali (peace be upon them) and all praises upon him who, with very few aides rose to uproot and do away with the widespread cruelty. The insignificant number of his companions did not make Imam Hussein (PBUH) think or compromise with the oppressors.

 He let Karbala become the site of the martyrdom of himself, his children and his few companions.

The free-minded people of the world gratitude and hail Imam Khomeini, the great man who was a perfect example of a follower of the Master of Martyrs. A man who, in the dark night of oppression, hoisted the shining torch of martyrdom, and raised the banners of uprising.

Imam Khomeini taught the barefooted and oppressed peoples of the world the slogans of "Either Victory or Martyrdom" and the "Triumph of Blood over the sword," and, in the end, overthrew the "Yazidi" ruler of the time by the hands of a nation that had cherished their love for Ashura and the memory of the bloody event of Karbala in their heart by tears, blood and truthfulness, from generation to the next.

May his memory live forever, he who consistently used to testify that "Whatever we have, we have it by the blessings of Ashura and Muharram.

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