Imam foiled all conspiracies against seminaries and nation:  Mohtashamipur

Imam foiled all conspiracies against seminaries and nation: Mohtashamipur

Hojjat ul-Islam Ali Akbar Mohtashamipur has held various high-ranking positions l in the Islamic Republic over the past years.He has been an active member of the combatant clergymen political party and the head of international Quds conference.

It is noteworthy that he spent several years with Imam Khomeini the founder of the Islamic Republic during his exile in Turkeyand Iraq.

Our website has conducted a comprehensive and an exclusive interview about his memoirs regarding the great imam and the Islamic  revolution.

The approximate text of the interview comes as under. Our readers may find it interesting:

Q: How did you become familiar with great Imam and what would you like to tell us about various perspectives of Imam Khomeini's personality?

Mohtashamipur:  I became familiar with the matchless personality of Imam after migrating to the holy city of Qom during 1960s to complete my studies at seminaries. I also became devoted of Imam Knowledge and wisdom during this era.

When the regime of Shah and its rubber stamped parliament passed the law of capitulation, imam expressed its opposition to the bill and warned about its consequences to the public. The great Imam delivered speeches against the law which violated the Iran’s sovereignty. Imam also strongly opposed and condemned the article of the draft which had sought immunity for the American and other foreign military advisors. Under the law, no western could be tried at the Iranian courts for criminal charges.

Under the wise leadership of Imam, the opposition to bill was growing and the bill had become focal point of concentration of the elite and masses.

Imam was put under scrutiny of the Shah regime. He was detained by the intelligence agents and sent to exile in Turkey. Imam was confined to an isolated place there and there were put strong restriction on his movement.

The Islamic Revolution under the wise leadership of Imam was gaining momentum day by day. Intellectual, masses and religious personalities from Iran and around the globe started a campaign and wrote several letters to the United Nations and human rights organizations to inform about sufferings of Imam in exile.

Turkish government surrendered to international pressure and convinced to shift Imam in the Iraqi holy city of Najaf.  Imam was received warmly by the masses, seminary students and religious figures in the city.

After Imam’s arrival in Najaf, he was being considered as leader of the Islamic Revolution not by just Iranians but for other nations of the world as well.   Several people from regional countries and western nations used to hold meetings and considered him as reviver of the whole Islamic Ummah.

Shah regime had thought that the seminary of Najaf has had great theologians and jurists, so Imam would have earned no special status there. Contrary to the regime assumption, Imam proved himself very competent and made vast use of philosophy, mysticism and other interdisciplinary approaches in concluding the decrees and finding solution for the contemporary problems.

The great Imam also became very important political figure. The seminary students started to migrate from Qom to Najaf due to Imam's presence over there.  Imam struggled very hard to revive rights of the seminary students in Najaf during those tough years.

The regime of Shah also plotted to eliminate the great Imam due to his growing popularity among the masses and elites. Their conspiracies did not succeed, however, they could weave plot for martyrdom of Imam’s son, Mostafa Khomeini.

Q:  Would you like to tell us about the reconstruction of Imam’s house in holy city of Najaf?

Mohtashamipur:  it was a rented house where Imam used to live with his family during period of exile. He used to hold important meetings with regional and foreign guests there and many memoirs are associated with it.

After the fall of dictatorial regime in Iraq in 2003, conditions and atmosphere is quite positive.  The Institute for Compilation and Publication of Imam Khomeini’s Works bought the house and started reconstruction works in accordance with photos and maps left from previous decades. It took years but the construction and repair works have been carried out successfully.

The institute is planning to establish a library, a seminary and a cultural house there which will become a visit place and research center for Imam’s devotees from around the globe. We don’t see obstacle in this regard to carry out our academic and cultural plans over there.  

Q:  How do you analyze the contribution of Imam’s dynamic teachings and thought in the ongoing Islamic awareness and awakening in the region?

Mohtashamipur:  Certainly, Imam’s thought are just like a pure spring which will continue to flow and quench thirst of truth seekers for centuries to come and for the future generations. It is very easy to conclude that Imam’s thought inspired the ongoing awakening in the Middle East and the North African region and his teachings remain like a lamp of guidance for the oppressed nations around the globe.

It is of great significance to spread and protect Imam’s works and thought for all generations. His teachings will continue to appeal all nations and confront colonial and tyrant powers.



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