Imam Khomeini urged Muslims to follow footsteps of holy prophet

Imam Khomeini Urged Muslims to Follow Footsteps of Holy Prophet

Imam Khomeini, the spiritual and religious leader of the Muslim world, invited the whole Islamic community to follow footsteps of the honorable prophet of Islam Hadrat Mohammad (peace be upon him) and his infallible successors.

28th Safar, reminds us passingaway anniversary of the Holy Prophet of Islam Hadrat Muhammad Mustafa and Martyrdom of his grandson Imam Hassan al-Mujtaba (peace be upon them) and Imam Khomeini used to issue special condolences messages on this occasion.

The founder of the Islamic Republic used to extend his heartfelt grief and condolences to the millions strong Muslim Ummahand all the lovers of the holy AhlulBayt (the people of the household of prophet) on these sad events.

The greatest messenger to mankind passed away at the age of 63, after preaching for 23 years the message of  peace, harmony, healthy way of life and submission to none but God the Almighty creator.

The holy prophet of Islam left behind the "Thaqalayn" (the holy Qur'an and his pure progeny) for the guidance of the Muslims and the whole world.

And months before his passing away, he proclaimed Imam Ali (PBUH) as vicegerent, on God's command, at the memorable gathering of Ghadeer-Khom.

Prophet Mohammad's (PBUH) elder grandson and 2ndinfallible heir, Imam Hassan al-Mujtaba (PBUH), was martyred at the age of 47, as a result of a fatal dose of poison, given on the orders of the corrupt rulers of the times.

Imam Hassan was hailed along with his younger brother, Imam Hussein (PBUH), as "Leaders of the youth of paradise".

On the same pattern, Imam Khomeini also followed footsteps of the holy prophet and coordinated the struggles of the Iranian people against the Shah’s despotic regime to advance the goals of Islam.

The great leader continued the struggle until establishment of the sacred Islamic system, which guarantees the freedom of the people, civil liberties, independence and implementation of social justice.

The great scholar of the Islamic world advised all clerics and preachers to make their intentions pure and deliver such speeches at religious gatherings which can elevate the Islamic societies towards spiritual and moral development.

He also recommended for preachers and those responsible for holding mourning ceremonies and religious gatherings during this period to make their intentions pure and grab the attentions of the youth towards the real message of the Islam.


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