Pavlova E K

The major part of the message by the Iranian leader Imam Khomeini to former Soviet Union head pointed to the role of spiritual inheritance of the nations in contemporary world.

Imam Khomeini had hoped for establishing a society within the former Soviet Union where the spiritual values would have gained the same importance as of materials.

With deep knowledge of demographic proportion of the former Soviet Union, Imam Khomeini brought into notice of Soviet officials that ignoring religious factor in domestic and foreign policy could create great hurdles and confrontations.

Imam brought to their notice that faith could strengthen the Soviet Union against other powers while lack of faith could harm the social and economic fabrics of the society.

Accurate References to the works of Aristotle, Farabi, Avicenna and Mullah Sadra shows Imam’s deep knowledge in this field of study.

Imam’s historic letter to Gorbachev shows that it is a great philosophical, ideological and ethical document which could prevent the society from falling into pits if it was properly attended and given significance. 


Pavlova E K, a prominent Russian intellectual

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