Imam Khomeini Encouraged Masses to Exercise Right to Vote

Imam Khomeini Encouraged Masses to Exercise Right to Vote

Imam Khomeini the founder of the Islamic Republic encouraged public and masses to participate in historic referendum and cast their ballots in order to take fate and destiny in their own hands.

The great Imam decided to hold referendum immediately after the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran. The people were asked to select a favorite system of their own choice.

An overwhelming majority of masses vote for establishing a functioning Islamic-democratic system which brought prosperity for Iranians and confronted aggressions of colonial powers.

The Islamic systems also strengthened the Muslim and oppressed nations and boosted their aspirations around the globe.

The Islamic Republic has held several elections since its founding in 1979. The great Imam often highlighted the importance of public participation in all state decisions.

We bring parts of speech delivered by Imam on this important occasion:    




Date: March 25, 1979 [Farvardin 5, 1358 AHS/ Rabi` ath-Thani 26, 1399 AH [

Place: Qum

Subject: Referendum on Islamic Republic

Occasion: New Year's Day

Audience: Propagation Group of Qum

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Qum: center of all blessings

I am happy that after very long years I find myself among you, my comrades, the youth. I was, am and have always been thinking about Iran and my own hometown- Qum- and I always prayed for it. You know that Qum has been the center of Shi`ah approximately since the time of Hadrat Sadiq, may God's peace be upon him, and Shi`ism spread to other places from there. Likewise, the) religious (sciences also expanded from this center and, thank God, bravery, endeavor and sacrifice in the path of Islam also issued from Qum. Qum is the center of all blessings. May God protect you, the people of Qum for us, the whole of Iran and everybody.

Necessity of participation in the referendum

You know that we still have to tread a long path in which we should all be together so that we will be able to fulfill our tasks and reach our goals. You must propagate that everyone, all classes of people, women and men- from a 61- year-old youth to an old man- must take part in the referendum. Women should also take part in it. Nobody should neglect this) duty (. In this referendum, our destiny will be fulfilled through Islam, God willing, or non-Islamic) systems (, God forbid. That is, to have an Islamic republic, or, God forbid, another system devised by scheming evil forces. The people of Iran, in general, and you, the youth, must guard the ballot boxes, which will be posted in various locations to make sure that nobody tampers with them or cheat. I implore the Exalted and Blessed God for your success.

The expediency of properly controlling audio-visual equipment

You should know that the equipment you have just mentioned and which some, or all, of you are working with, should be utilized as educational instruments. During the taghout regime, this equipment was used to stupefy the youth, advertise ways to drag the nation toward a futile course of life and render everyone negligent of his fate. The cinema was designed for no reason except from achieving the regime's sinister goals. These things should be tools for educating) people (. The radio and television are tools of education and the same is true with the cinema. Hence, they should be run and managed in a healthy, proper and appropriate manner.

I implore God to make Iran a purified Iran and an Iran whose material and spiritual aspects are rectified from now on. What is most significant in a country is its spirituality. However, the former regime distanced us from spirituality and did not allow us to grow spiritually. I beseech the Exalted and Blessed God to make our spirituality grow and increase our attention to Him.

Safeguarding the movement with all our might

Our victory was gained because we turned to God and wished for martyrdom. Islam made us victorious; otherwise, we were powerless vis-a-vis the) foreign (powers. Therefore, from now on, we should safeguard this key; we should protect the unity of expression and this key, which is the power of Islam. Do not think that our task has been fulfilled and that we can lead our lives as before. It has not yet been completed and hence, we should keep our unity. We should preserve this movement with fervor and all our strength. May God make you all prosperous. May God make you prosper in this world and the Hereafter. Peace be upon you!

Sahifeh, vol6, Page: 363 & 364

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