Imam Khomeini Loved by Millions: Sri Lankan Activist

Imam Khomeini Loved by Millions: Sri Lankan Activist

A prominent Sri Lankan activist and academic says Imam Khomeini’s personality is widely respected and his dynamic thought is read by millions in various regions across the globe.

Zavini Jalil, the chairman of Az-Zahra institute in Sri Lanka said that the great founder of the Islamic Republic led the whole Islamic ummah and attached great significance to entire Muslim nations. The activist went onto say that Imam believed a great status for women in the society and he wrote several works in this regard and underscored this topic of great importance in his speeches.

The academic noted that the great Imam laid foundations of unity among Sunni and Shia and strengthened the harmony among all sects and followers of divine religions. Jalil also said that Imams notion and ideas about the unity left a great impact on Sri Lankan people and the Sunnis and Shias all follow his ideals in this regard. The intellectual also said the recent Islamic awakening and revolution across the North African country are inspired by the great Imams thought.

The Islamic-democratic system proposed by Imam presents solutions to all problem facing the Muslim world. Such an Islamic and democratic system will also pose a great challenge to monarchies and promote social and divine values, the academic concluded. Imam Khomeini created the best Revolutionat the first time. He talk about the Islamic Omat and wrote about it. He loves by millions of people in whole countries.

What is the thought of Imam Khomeini about women in Iran?

In my opinion, Imam Khomeini respect to all women, as I know Imam khomeini believe that the position of women is like men in the society. He wrote something about women. What is your opinion about unity of Shi'a and Sunni as the thought of Imam Khomeini? IthinkImam believe that all Muslims in whole countries should be harmony and unity in order to createda great revolution even Shi'a or Sunni , but in Serilanka Shiee is only one person and we have connected any Sunni to Shi'a, In my opinion most of the people intelligent enough, they read then become Shi'a or Sunni.

What is your opinion about revolution in other country such as Egypt or ?

I think the revolution in other country depends on monarchy. In my opinion the role of Imam Khomeini in Islamic democracy is very great because he can help uprisinig their countries.

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