Spirituality and Worship in the Conduct of Imam Khomeini

Spirituality and Worship in the Conduct of Imam Khomeini

Imam Khomeini, the religious and spiritual leader of the Muslim world had attached a great significance to spirituality and self-purification through all stages of his life.


The divinized scholars are the blazing chandeliers who glister on the heaven of science and practicing in every era, and manifest on the terrestrial people (mortal life) after grasping the light and heat from the sun of Prophecy and Imamate. Then, they guide people towards the light and blessing of reveled dynasty. They get people aspired toward the empyrean niche while they put them on the wings of Muhammadan (Peace Be Upon Him and His Household) Pure Mysticism.

Imam Khomeini who is a beloved figure, dexterous jurisprudent, divine-seeking politician, profound philosopher-theosophist [mystic], moralized [matured] scholar, leader and the founder of the Islamic Republic has the enormous and specific status amongst the anti-pagan believers. Because he passed his days and night even all moments of life in vigilance [meditation] and calculation [reckoning], thus, he embodied and actualized hundreds of Quranic Verses.

It is suitable [proper] that we discuss [research] on his practical conduct in the month of Ramadan, perhaps we would be able to purify our spirit by the honey of love and cognitions acquired from his behavior. The Excellency Imam  paid specific attention to the month of Ramadan as he would cancel [postponed] his meetings and deal with the recitation of Quran and …

He used to say: the month of Ramadan itself is the month of work and action. [not the month of idleness and laziness].

One of Imam's friends said about this:

Imam neither would read poems, nor write down even would not listen to them. In brief, Imam carried in his life-style a specific changing on appropriate with this month as he used to pass this month in reciting Quran, praying and performing the relevant desirables [preferable] (Mustahabbat) to this month.

He used to eat too much little at dawn [Sahar] and breaking [Iftar] as his servant thought that Imam did not eat anything at all.

His Excellency writes down a poem about the month of Ramadan as following:

The month of Ramadan came, so wine and tavern left,

Love, jovial and wine are delayed for the dawn,

My Master ordered me to break Fast by the wine [of love],

I replied: I can't, because the Fast [itself] yield a lot of blessing and fruit for me [don’t need wine],

Should take ablution by the wine because in the school of roguish [lovers],

This action of you would bring blessing forth in the sight of His Reality. [His Almighty]

Worship and Prayer of Midnight

Among the special schedule of Imam, the worship and prayer of midnight have the specific place. Imam used to see worship as an instrument of Divine love and for this reason he state explicitly that one should not see worship in the valley of love and affectation as an instrument to grasp paradise.

Most of Imam's familiars say that the midnight prayer was regarding as the one of Imam's schedule since he was young.

Some of closed ones said that they used to enter in the room of Imam slowly while there was darkness of midnight [the day did not rise yet], we found Imam is busy in invocation with his Creator, saw that Imam is offering prayer with specific humility and humbleness and his stand [Qiam], bow [Roko'] and prostrate [Sujod] were indescribable. We used to think with ourselves that every night of Imam is the night of Decree [Laylatul-Qadr].

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