Kyrgyzstan to hold international summit on Imam Khomeini

Kyrgyzstan to hold international summit on Imam Khomeini

Several academic and government institution of Kyrgyzstan with close coordination of the Islamic Republic embassy and cultural house will hold an international summit on genuine teachings and dynamic thought of Imam Khomeini.

The summit is due to held in Kyrgyzstan Foreign Ministry Academy in the capital of Bishkek on the occasion of 25th anniversary of Imam Khomeini's heavenly departure.

The summit will explore and analyze influence of Imam Khomeini thought and the Islamic revolution on contemporary world and movements.

Several Iranian and Kyrgyz academics, experts on Eastern Studies and social and civil activists from across the world will discuss the qualities of leadership of Imam Khomeini, the relationship between politics and ethics from view of Imam.

They are expected to discuss precious works left by the great religious and spiritual leader of the Muslim world.

The scholars will also analyze the contents of historic letter written by the founder of the Islamic Republic to the head of former Soviet Union Gorbachev.

Imam Khomeini was a great intellectual who has had great command over several disciplines of knowledge including jurisprudence, mysticism, philosophy and several other fields.

Several international summits, sessions, seminars have been held at different universities and academic institutes across the world to comprehend precious thought of Imam Khomeini. His teachings will continue to guide societies and generation for decades to come.

Analysts believe that Imam Khomeini thought can prevent societies from falling into pits of ethical and moral decline.

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