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Imam Khomeini, role-model for all peace-loving nations: Iranian president

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says all those people who want to establish justice, peace and friendship among nations should adopt Imam Khomeini's personality and his dynamic thought as role model for their actions.

 The Iranian president made remarks during a meeting with hundreds of foreign guests attending the 25th heavenly departure anniversary of Imam Khomeini.

It is worth-mentioning that prior to the president's speech,Hojjat al-Islam Mohammad Ali Ansari, the head ofInternational Headquarters for anniversary commemoration of Imam Khomeini and Dr. Mohammad Moghaddam, the head of international department of the institute made welcome remarks for the foreign guests.

Dr. Rouhani also said that Imam stood against all arrogant powers and undertook very serious struggle led to downfall of all dictatorial elements and tyranny.

The president went onto say that the great Imam established an Islamic-democratic system which is based on humane, divine and Quranic values.

Emphasizing on unity between Shia and Sunni Muslim, Dr. Rouhani said that the Islamic Republic is supporter of the Islamic sects and devotees of divine religions. The president also said that the followers of all religions should maintain ties and interaction on principle of mutual respect.

Islamic Republic would continue to pave the path of the great Imam with rationality, hope and firmness, the president added.

Dr. Rohani also strongly criticized the Takfiri militant groups who were defaming and tarnishing the image of the Muslims.

The president noted that Takfiri militant groups were inciting divisions and strife due to the wrong approach to Islam creeds and teachings.

Dr. Rohani concluded that Muslims should prevent creation of such deviated groups among the Islamic Ummah.




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