Imam Khomeini Interprets Mankind from his Divine Worldview

Imam Khomeini Interprets Mankind from his Divine Worldview

Imam Khomeini, the great religious and spiritual leader of the Muslim world interprets the human within his divine worldview and divine ideology.

The great Imam has proved the importance of self-determination and willpower for the human and negated all theories that the people  were prisoners to their fate.

Imam’s dynamic thought introduces human a proactive and trainable being and emphasize that the God Almighty have shown humanity all proper mode of training by assigning his prophets and revealing divine books.

On this pattern, the human beings can strengthen their divine substances and move towards a perfectness.

The great Imam doesn’t deem human as a being who has been condemned to his fate through the history.

Imam noted that the society itself is interpretable and its statues can be defined within the divine worldview.

The legislation for the human is special right reserved for God the almighty and prosperity for the human society can be only accomplished by submitting and following the divine laws and regulations.

 These laws and practices have been conveyed to human by the divine prophets.

Therefore, Islam is a complete code of life which consists off certain social, economic and cultural perspectives.

 The divine religion aims at prosperity of societies and makes people learn how to worship, behave and interact with communities of other faiths and followers of other religions.

By reliance on the divine prophets’ genuine teachings and conduct, the great Imam Khomeini maintained that interests of society should be preferred over the individual’s priorities.

 In case of clash of interests between individual and society, the individual is recommended to sacrifice its interests for the society and community.

The great Imam maintains all stratums and layers of the divine society including the nations and governments should pursue the same purpose and single goal.

All should focus their attentions towards God the Almighty in such type of society. Ultimately, the Muslim Ummah should serve Islam by inspiring the teachings of the holy book of Quran and preserving brotherhood among themselves. 

The great Imam’s ideals seek to establish and make prevail the divine supremacy over all arenas including individual and social perspectives of society.

 In addition to that, the world religious and spiritual leader also believed that the humans are blessed with dignity in their essence and are fully capable of earning more esteem.

However, Imam was also well-aware that the human-being are influenced by positive and negative environmental and social factors.

Considering all above-mentioned factors, Imam deemed necessary to establish an Islamic-democratic system to rescue environment and enhance self-training and spiritual purification

According to Imam, such an honest and transparent system would contribute to growth of virtues and piety in a bid to confront corruption and raise awareness.

This type of divine system will also introduce the real role of family, school, university, mass media, art, healthy entertainments and the cultural institutions.

The Islamic Revolution emerged at a sensitive juncture of history as victorious when the culture and religion had been cornered and were marginalized.

 The revolution under wise leadership of the great Imam Khomeini revived the genuine role of religion and relieved the people from clutches of global arrogant powers who had taken away the self-confidence and independence from the nation.

According to Imam Khomeini’s interpretation of religion, the influence and impact of environmental, social and historical factors on human societies has been decisive and undeniable.

At the same, citing the Quranic verses, the great Imam introduces the human in its essence perfectness-seekers, independent and a rational being.

The human who is capable of pave the way from material world to such a spiritual extent beyond imagination. At the same time, humans can also plunge into pits of moral decline as well.

 Imam believed that extremists and ill-wishers are two main damaging factors to the religion who have raised numerous serious queries and questions.

Imam Khomeini has been a great reviver of genuine religious ideology in contemporary era and the founder of the Islamic Republic materialized all potentials to confront all types of extremism.

Several analysts and pundits believe that the great Imam’s thought have revived the genuine spiritual teachings and empowered the movements of oppressed nations in different parts of the world in our contemporary era.

Imam Khomeini is widely loved and his works are widely welcomed by Iranians and several nations across the world. Dozens of Imam’s academic works have been translated to several foreign languages over the past few years.

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