Imam Attached Special Significance to Reciting Quran

Imam Khomeini the world religious and spiritual leader of the world used to attach special significance to reciting the holy book of Quran and supplications during the holy month of Ramadan.

Imam Khomeini’s family members say he used to recite the full Quran at least for three times until the end of the holy month.

Despite his busy schedule, Imam was committed to reciting special supplications narrated by the holy prophet and his infallible truthful successors.

Dua Iftetah (inauguration), Daua Shahr (Dawn) and Dua Abu Hamza Thumali were among the supplications that had attracted the special attentions of the founder of the Islamic Republic are as following:

Imam also recommended for others to regularly recite these supplications. If some supplications were lengthy such as Abu Hamza Thulami, then Imam advised to read such divine treasures in intervals.

(A memoirs by Fatima Tabatabai—the daughter in law of Imam Khomeini)   

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