Imam Khomeini Established Modern Islamic State: Rouhani

Imam Khomeini Established Modern Islamic State: Rouhani

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says late Imam Khomeini the founder of the Islamic Republic established a comprehensive Islamic-democratic state in our contemporary era.

Rouhani made the remarks at the beginning of the Government Week while paying tribute to Imam Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Revolution, at his mausoleum.  

“For the first time in Iran and Shia history, Imam Khomeini established a modern Islamic government within the frameworks of religious jurisprudence and Islamic laws,” said Rouhani and that “Imam Khomeini taught freedom and independence to all people around the world."

Rouhani further pointed to Imam Khomeini’s moderation and avoidance of extremism or ignorance towards west orientation.

“Imam Khomeini established a religious democracy based on public votes and emphasized that the true measure of (acceptance) is nation's vote and the main pillar of the Islamic government is Divine laws and the Constitution,” went on saying president during the tribute ceremony at Imam Khomeini's mausoleum.

At the end of the ceremony, President Rouhani paid gratitude to Imam Khomeini’s family especially his grandson Seyed Hassan Khomeini for their support to the 11th cabinet.

Iran's Government Week marks martyrdom anniversary of Mohammad Ali Rajaei. Rajaei who was Iran's president for less than a month, was assassinated in a bombing on August 30, 1981 along with his PM Mohammad Javad Bahonar. The terror attack was planned by Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO, aka MEK).

The founder of the Islamic Republic once said Islam has represented a very civilized democratic system which guarantees various types of civil liberties and freedoms for all strata of the society.

The great Imam believed that the progressive Islamic system will guard and watch all social, material and spiritual interests of the Muslim world and oppressed nation.

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