Sunni cleric

Imam Khomeini was Pioneer of Unity

A prominent Sunni Muslim cleric has said that the founder of the Islamic Republic was a pioneer of unity and reviver of true and genuine teachings of Islam.

A prominent Sunni cleric in a recent exclusive interview with Taghrib News Agency called the founder of Islamic revolution as pioneer of Islamic unity.

“Imam Khomeini, in the light of Islamic unity, gathered all groups of people together and provided the ground for victory of the Islamic Revolution and also honor of Iran.” said Haj Aman Dordi Akhoond Yazdani, prayer leader of the Sunni community in Bojnourd.

Yazdani highlighted Islamic movements in other Muslim countries as the realization of the vows by Imam Khomeini and said,” Revolutions and Islamic Awakening which has spread across many Muslim states is in fact inspired by the Islamic Revolution in Iran.”

He said,” Imam Khomeini  brought unity and solidarity among world Muslims by his high thoughts and this is the greatest influence of the late leader of Iran among Muslims.”

Prayer leader of Abu hanifa Mosque in Bojourd added,” If we are witness to the Islamic movements in some Islamic states, it is due to globalization of the revolution which was inspired by late Imam Khomeini .” and stressed protection of the Islamic revolution and also introduction of the high character of Imam Khomeini and also spread of Islamic unity as the most important mission of Muslims.

Sunni cleric quoted late Imam where the late leader stressed importance of solidarity among Muslims and that it is through this unity that Muslims can defeat the Zionist regime of Israel.

Yazdani slammed the US for efforts to divide Muslims and looting their natural resources urging Islamic communities to be aware of their enemies and maintain their solidarity for confrontation against enemies.

“We are all responsible in regards to the Islamic Republic of Iran and we have to fulfill our duties in the fields of purification of our souls, acquiring knowledge and resistance against our foreign and domestic enemies.” said the Sunni cleric from Bojnourd and added,” We are the harbingers of unity in the world of Islam and the friendly coexistence of shia and Sunni in our country is a thorn in the side of the enemies; hence, they try to array Muslims against each other through political strategies.”

Yazdani called Muslims to be vigilant and follow the recommendations of Imam Khomeini (RA) to foil the plots of the enemies.

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