Extremism threatening entire world: President Rouhani

Extremism threatening entire world: President Rouhani

Addressing the 69th annual session of the United Nations Assembly in New York on Thursday, Iran's President Hassan Rouhani said extremism is a global phenomenon which has been fostered by certain countries which are now unable to fight it.

Rouhani says extremism and violence are threatening the entire Middle East, especially Iran's neighbors, as a result of extremist measures taken by foreign terrorists.

Noting that extremism and terrorism have turned into a global phenomena, Rouhani said, “All countries that have played a role in creating these terrorist organizations, should own up to their mistake and apologize,” not only to the past, but also to future generation.

According to Rouhani, wrong policies adopted by some Western states have turned the Middle East as well as Central Asia and Caucasus into a “paradise for terrorists.”

Rouhani further stated that the most painful point about current terrorism is that terrorists are beheading people and killing innocent civilians under the name of religion while all divine religions are essentially against violence and extremism.

This is a strategic mistake if some countries are trying to consolidate their domination over the Middle East region under the pretext of fighting terrorism because regional countries can fight terrorism in the region on their own, Rouhani said.

“If other countries really want to fight terrorism, they should help regional countries in their effort to do this,” Rouhani added.

He also advised regional countries to note that all of them are in the same boat and need coordination and cooperation to fight regional issues.

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