Second International Conference of Imam Khomeini(s) and the Revival of Religious Ideas

Chairman: Dr. Ahmad Ahmadi
Time of Organization: 11-13 Khordad 1377
Place: University of Tehran, Tehran

 The first International Conference of Imam Khomeini and the Revival of Religious Thought in Khordad 1376 provided the authorities and great sages in the realm of religious knowledge with an opportunity to recognize and evaluate the results of a lifetime’s mystical Jihad of the Imam (s) in the course of renewing pure Muhammadan Islam. The enthusiastic eagerness and welcome of those searching for the glorious path of Imam Khomeini(s), whose whole being seemed to be as a full-length mirror to show Comprehensiveness of Religion, encouraged us to hold a meeting again in order to give continuity to the sacred dynamism of his thought by calling the knowledgeable experts to come together and deliberate over the work again.

              The past experience of the first conference confirmed that the essence of Reviving Religion is researchable in two arenas. The first is in the domain of theoretical topics, which will lead to a more obvious perception of the concept “religion” with its mission to influence in all aspects of human existence (anthropology). To re-create and adorn the principles of Divine religion, to enter the area of politics to administer the society, social life and other humanistic communities and to finally fulfill its vocation, which is establishing an international Islam.

               The second arena includes topics that are expressive of the external realization of religion indicating its effects in different aspects of human behavior in various societies. This includes Imam Khomeini’s idea about reviving the character, conduct and religious works in the world in the domain of public culture and public behavior of each country, in the scientific circles, in cultural societies, and in the positions of Men of Thought.



  • Collection of Articles for the Second International Conference of Imam Khomeini (s) and Revival of Religious Thought (Third Volume), the tiltles:


1-      Muslims in the southeast Asia and Iranian Islamic Revolution/Mahmud Esma’ilinia

2-      Strategy to Methodology of Revival of Religion/Abbas Izadpanah

3-      Assessment of the Theory Charisma in Adaptation with Reality of Iranian Islamic Revolution/Alimohammad Hazeri

4-      An Approach to Modern Model of Leadership/Solayman Khakban

5-      Effect of Imam Khomeini’s Movement on the Growth of Components in the Islamic World/Mortaza Dustisani

6-      Tactics for Attaining the Desirable International Order in Viewpoint of Imam Khomeini(s)/Mohammadreza Dehshiri

7-      Belief in Necessity for Constitution of Religious Government in the Revivalistic Thought of Imam Khomeini and its Adaptation with Sunnite Ideas/Gholamreza Zakersalehi

8-      Belief in the Rights and Status of Woman in Social Life and Negation of hegemonistic Attitudes in Social Relations of the two Sexes/Fatemeh Rajabi

9-      The Literary Revolution in the Light of the Imam’s School/Gholamreza Rahmdel

10-  Sociological Review of Imam Khomeini’s Role in the Revival of Friday Prayer/Mohammadali Zaki

11-  The Approach of West toward the Islamic Fundamentalism/Sadeq Zibakalam

12-  Belief in Necessity of Correction between Islamic Sect Creeds/Bijan Shahrami

13-  Prophetic Mysticism with Emphasis on the Concept of Guardianship in Poems of Imam Khomeini(s)/ Faruq Safizadeh

14-  Imam Khomeini(s), Great Revivalist of Pure Islam/Hasan Ashuri Langrudi

15-  Survey of Stability and Development of the Imam’s Opinion on Guardianship of the Jurist/Kazem Qazizadeh

16-  Divine Governance and People’s Right to Determine their own Social Fate, without any Contrast to the Divine Sovereignty/Mostafa Kavakebian

17-  Imam Khomeini and his View about Connection of Seminaries with Universities/Ahmad Kamranifar

18-  Islamic Revolution and Universal System/Manuchehr Mohammadi

19-  Islamic Perspective Success and other Religions’ achivements on International Scene/Javad Mansuri

20-  Imam Khomeini(s) and Global Mission of Islamic Revolution/Masih Mohajeri


  • Collection of Articles for the Second International Conference of Imam Khomeini (s) and Revival of Religious Thought (Fourth Volume)


1-      Imam Khomeini’s idea about Religious Minorities/Jahangir Ushidari

2-      Revivalism and Fighting against Idols/Hamid Basiratmanesh

3-      Withdrawal of the Idea of Seperation of Religion from Politics with its Aims/ Mortaza Pedarian

4-      Justice and Equity, the Highest Ideal of the Imam/Mohammadhosayn Jamshidi

5-      Transformation of our Understanding of the Religion in the View of Imam Khomeini(s)/Mortaza Hajhosayni

6-      Imam Khomeini and Revival of Religious Thought in Political-Social Campaigns/Mohammadbaqer Khorramshad

7-      Imam Khomeini(s) and Social Justice, Concept and Instruments/Aliahmad Rasekh

8-      Islam from two Views: of being Genuine or American/Mahtab Rezapur

9-      Politics and Islamic Government in the Perspective of Imam Khomeini/ Javid Rusta’i

10-  Guardianship from the View of Tradition and Revolution/M.Naqi Salemi

11-  Imam Khomeini(s) and Revival of Divine Origin of the Government/ Mohammad Sorush Mahallati

12-  Modernism, Traditionalism and Revivalism/Abutorab Talebi

13-  A Survey in Developments of Values and Islamic Inclinations through the Naming of Tehrani Children (1345-74)/Abbas Abdi

14-  Unity of Seminary and Unversity from the Standoint of Imam Khomeini(s)/ Sa’id Edalatnejad

15-  Governance of the People/Javad Fakhar Tusi

16-  How a Government Becomes Legitimate to the People/Mostafa Moslehzadeh

17-  The Stand of Time and Place in the Religion in a New Look/Mohammad Mansur Nejad

18-  Imam Khomeini(s) and Revival of the Real “Advising the Belivers” to do Right and to Avoid Sin/Sayd Javad Vara’i

19-  Imam Khomeini(s) and Revival of Mosques and Worshiping Rites/Hamideh Hadian Rasnani


  • Subjects of some Speeches Delivered in the Conference


1-      Role of Personalities in History/Master Mohammad Taqi Ja’fari

2-      Imam Khomeini(s) and the two Attitudes toward Religion/Gholamali Hadda Adel

3-      Art and Freedom in the School of Love/Zahra Rahnamud

4-      Continuity of Imam Khomeini’s political Thought/Abbasali Amid Zanjani

5-      Imam Khomeini(s) and Revival of Lawful Freedoms/Sayyed Mostafa Mohaqqeq Damad

6-      Right Method in Revival of Religious Thought/Mohammad Taqi Mesbah

7-      Global Meeting for Proximity of Islamic Sects/Mohammad Va’ezzadeh Khorasani

8-      Policy of Imam Khomeini(s) in the Revival of Religious Thought/ Mohammad Va’ezzadeh Khorasani


  • Articles Received in Arabic, Translated into English, the titles:


1-      Primacy of Spiritual Leader and Civil Complex/Talib Jabbar-al-Ahmad

2-      Appropriation of the Guardian as Leader for the People/Shahab-al-din Hosayni

3-      Commitment of Iranian Islamic Revolution in Realization of a Universal Islamic Revolution/Taysir-al-Khatib

4-      Instances which may Stop aspects of Realization of Muslims’glory in the Future/Sayyed ahmad Raf’at

5-      Revival of Religious Thought of Imam Khomeini(s)/Majed-al-Gharbawi

6-      Women’s Rights and their Position in social Life, and Negation of Hegemonistic Attitudes in Social relations between the Two Sexes/ Mohammad-al-Qays

7-      Guardianship of the Jurist, the Firm Base for Islamic System/Dr.Idris-Kattani

8-      Faith in the Necessity of Supporting Religious Government/ Adnan-al-Kilani

9-      Islamic Existence in the Literature of the Book: Argentine Khoured Lewis Yourekhs/Sami Abdolmarzi Mashtawi

10-  Imam Khomeini and Revival of Practical League for Culture of the Quran and its Promotion in the Complex/Majeda al Mo’men

11-  Role of Imam Khomeini in Establishing Magnanimity of Islam/Ma’eda-al-Mo’men

12-  Prospective Difficulties in the Islamic World/Fathi Yakun


  • Articles Received in English


1-      Imam Khomeini and the Struggle against “American Islam” /Hamid Algar

2-      Dialogue of Cultures only a Catchword or a realistic Way toward Understanding and Peace?/ Irmgard Piinn

3-      The Role of Ideology in the Development of the Oppressed words and the Implication of Nations for Promotion of the Woman/Maria Vaface

4-      Necessity for an Attention to Viewpoint of Imam Khomeini(s) Regarding Improvements in Today’s Russia/Dimetri Zhokov

5-      Concept of the Islamic Government/ Casio Sierra

6-      Iranian Islamic Revolution as an Inspiring Sample for Russia/Nicolas Mishin


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