The Imam’s historical message to Mikhail Gorbachev

The Imam’s prediction that Communism will fall

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The Imam’s prediction that Communism will fall

In 1989, Imam Khomeini sent a message to Gorbachev inviting him to accept Islam and warning him of the fall of the Soviet Union and the Communist way of thought. The Imam talked of the inability of fulfilling spiritual needs by material things.

Since it is the anniversary of the issuing of this statement, we will quote the statement below:

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful
Your Excellency Mr. Gorbachev, Chairman of the Presidium of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics,
with due wishes for the happiness and prosperity of Your Excellency and the people of the Soviet Union,

Since your assumption of office, there has been the impression that in analyzing world political events, particularly those pertaining to the Soviet Union, you have found yourself in a new era of reassessment, change and confrontation. Your boldness and initiative in dealing with the realities of the world is quite likely to bring about changes that would result in upsetting the equations of power dominating the world. I have therefore found it necessary to bring certain matters to your attention.....

If, however, you are considering taking a step forward, the first thing that will ensure your success is that you reevaluate your predecessors' policy of obliterating God and religion from society. This policy has, will no doubt have, the heaviest blow to the Soviet people. Rest assured that this is the only way whereby world problems can be dealt with realistically.....

Reality must be faced. The main problem confronting your country is not one of private ownership, freedom and economy; your problem is the absence of true faith in God, the very problem that has dragged or will drag the West to vulgarism and an impasse. Your main problem is the prolonged and futile war you have waged against God, the source of existence and creation.....

Mr. Gorbachev,
It is clear to everybody that from now on communism will only have to be found in the museums of world political history, for Marxism cannot meet any of the real needs of mankind. Marxism is a materialistic ideology and materialism cannot bring humanity out of the crisis caused by a lack of belief in spirituality- the prime affliction of the human society in the East and the West alike.....

After mentioning these problems and preliminary points, let me call on you to study Islam earnestly, not because Islam and Muslims may need you but because Islam has exalted universal values which can bring comfort and salvation to all nations and remove the basic problems of mankind. A true understanding of Islam may forever release you from the problem of Afghanistan »2« and other similar involvements. We treat Muslims of the world as Muslims of our own country and will ever share in their destiny..... (Sahife  vol. 21,  page. 217-227)

This Message touched many people who were searching for truth and provoked different reactions. One such reaction which was by Zamir Aralichev, who is from Kazakhstan, is as follows:
Real Wisdom

Imam Khomeini, once again, through his letter showed the world people that the real wisdom and philosophy come from the east. The upcoming events showed the truthfulness of Imam. The incredible incidents had happened within some years. The Communist system collapsed. The states of former Union of Soviet Russia became independent countries.

They started building up mosque and Islam revived among the irreligious souls. There had passed only ten years but the Islamic ideas had prevailed in the World. I conclude after looking at my surroundings that Imam Khomeini had predicted all this. It is very interesting that the truth belonged to Imam   Khomeini, not Gorbachev- the former head of Soviet Union. Each of them relied on spiritual and philosophical fundamentals. Gorbachev believed in Marx and Lenin while Imam Khomeini had a faith in honorable prophet of Islam and Qur'an.

Gorbachev had a faith in priority of material while Imam Khomeini believed in the spirit of divine power-there is no God except Allah and Muhammad is his messenger.
Zamir Aralichev –Kazakhstan