Sayyid Hassan Khomeini:

''The Nature of Islamic Awakening is Moral Awakening''

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''The Nature of Islamic Awakening is Moral Awakening''

We have great days in front of us and we have also passed great days. This year, was an extraordinary year in the recent decades of the Islamic world, which the spiritual awakening is one of the most important faces of it.”

In the special ceremony of renewing allegiance of the foreign affairs minister and his deputies and also the ambassadors and the heads of Islamic Republic’s Foreign Offices with the ideals of the late Imam Khomeini which was held by denoting a wreath to the great leader of the revolution and saying their prayers along with the relic of the Imam (Grandson of the Imam), Hojatoleslam Sayyid Hassan Khomeini, said a very important speech about the current situation of the middle east and Iran’s position.

Jamaran news agency reports, Sayyid Hassan Khomeini in his speech explained his opinions about the relation between the Islamic revolution and the spiritual awakening in the current world. He remarked: “We have great days in front of us and we have also passed great days. This year, was an extraordinary year in the recent decades of the Islamic world, which the spiritual awakening is one of the most important faces of it.”

The relic of the great Imam, in his explanations remarked the topology of the great revolutions and added: “Generally the revolutions are divided in three types. Some are only political. Political revolutions are those revolutions which only cause a political change in the ruling system. Indeed these revolutions have a lot of different with a coup d’etat. The nationalization of oil is a good example which in it political managers where changed and there was no change in the society.”

Sayyid Hassan Khomieni named the second type of revolutions as social revolutions and said: “Some revolutions in addition to the political dimension have a social dimension. And in addition to the political changes, they change the power in political, ideological, educational and economical regions. The changes in a social revolution is deeper and more than a political revolution.

The relic on Imam described the Constitutional Revolution as a social revolution and reminded: “The Constitutional Revolution because of its tremendous and transformative effect on the social changes in the society could be counted as a social revolution, a revolution which majorly transformed the social systems during the Qajar era.

He added: “After the Constitutional Revolution, new meanings of social dignities were revealed and a new wave of western educated people came back to the country. The aristocratic system of the Qajar was changed. New education system was established by Mirza Hassan Khan Roshdieh, and effected the education institutions and so on a lot of other social institutions, and in one word, with the entrance of new social forces, a new definition was given to politics and elites in Iran.’

He added: “The 1979 revolution, in one hand, is absolutely a political revolution because it changed the political system in all layers and on the other hand, it is absolutely a social revolution, because it changed the social dignities in a huger scale than the Constitutional Revolution, and it made new social institutions, institutions which we dare to say had a deep bond with Imam’s thoughts.”

The relic of Imam named the third type of revolutions as historical revolutions and said: “Historical revolutions, make history, they are revolutions which have cross border and cross time messages. These revolutions, in addition to affecting the political and social issues of the current society who are involved with the revolution, have deep and flowing affects in different times and maybe on a far time.”

He pointed to the historical messages of great revolutions and said: “The French revolution destroyed absolute monarchy and instead of it brings a republic. The French revolution, which has been handed between dictatorship and republic repeatedly,   is a political, social and historical revolution, because this revolution, in addition to political and social changes, offered the message of freedom and democracy to the history.”

He added: “Another example of historical revolutions is the American revolution. The American Revolution, among all its issues, passed the north and south wars. This revolution because of its changes in the politic zone and the society was political and social, but because it offered the world an anti-slavery message, it was a historical revolution.

Sayyid Hassan Khomeini mentioned the Russian revolution as another example of the historical revolutions and remarked: “The Russian revolution is also absolutely a political revolution, because the Tsar was gone and Lenin with some violence has replaced him. It is also a social revolution because it majorly changed the social institutions and made special systems instead of them, but more important than these two it’s a historical revolution because it announced a historical message named Socialism to the world.”

 The relic of Imam named the Islamic revolution of the Iranian nation as one the successful historical revolutions and said: “Our revolution is political because it changed the political system and its managers. And it’s social because it made huge social changes. And in its third step, it’s history maker revolution, because it gave the world a clear and important message and that message was “Spiritual Awakening””

Sayyid Hassan Khomeini remarked: “The historical message of Imam’s revolution was different than all the other revolutions. Unlike other revolutions, which their messages were announced to the world incomplete or unsuccessful, the message of Iran’s revolution was so deep that the echo of it heard these days so clearly in the world, a message which in one word, is Islamic awakening or in the other hand spiritual awakening.”

He continued: “The message of our revolution was ruling out Spirituality among justice in world management which it is seen nowadays. Today, Islamic awakening, is expressing the Islamic revolutions message.”

The relic of Imam continued with mentioning the pests and social damages of the Islamic awakening and remarked: “If like all other issues, we don’t protect this great awakening, it’ll be affected by pests. The worse pest of any thing is within itself. To collapse something indulging in it is enough for it.”

By mentioning the recent elections in Egypt he said: “The fear of handling the revolution by the Salafists is correct. The feature of the extremists is that they place their selves on the highest point of management.”

The relic of Imam emphasized on using Talibanism instead of Salafism and remarked: “Talibanism is a pest, if we are not careful, their believers with special methods would demolish spirituality and awakening.”
,br/>  Sayyid Hassan Khomeini emphasized: “When an Idea comes to work, sees its worse harms by inner extremists. This issue has a philosophical reason. Mankind’s hand burns in great coldness. Whatever that steps beyond its limits, will turn against itself. The inner pest of everything is indulgence.” 

The relic of Imam by mentioning that the Imams are the pattern of revolution and epitome of balance said: “The Imams religion, especially the Imamiyah (Believers of Imam Ali as an Imam) among all the Muslim sects, are the equilibrium point. In all the Islamic eras, no section has stayed in moderation like the Shias. The Islamic revolution as the representative of the Imams religion, views its greatest feature in moderation.”

He added: “Today we are facing the third step of Imam’s historical message. This movement will be harmed by two groups. One those who completely deny spirituality and religion, and the others are those who indulge.”

The relic of Imam said: “The historical message of Imam’s revolution is the awakening of Islamic morality in today’s world of immorality. Today all of us should be alert and in the confrontation of the revolutions life, by declaring the anti-indulgence thought of the Imams we should remind the message of Imam Khomeini’s historical revolution.”

Sayyid Hassan Khomeini emphasized: “If the Islamic world wants to continue this path, it should be free of Talibanism. We should have in our mind that the spirit of Islamic awakening and the spirit of religion is nothing but morality. All of the religion is about making mankind more moral. The prophet says: “The philosophy of my mission and the bases of being religious is morality.””

The relic of Imam remarked: “The surface of awakening is the religion and it core is morality. The lacking of morality is why the world has been harmed. The fact is that the world lacks morality and all the societies have stepped backward in the view point of morality. The world is thirsty for the Imams knowledge, because the world is really in need of goodness and integrity and this matter is reached by the path of the prophet and his descendants.”
,br/> At the end, Sayyed Hassan Khomeini said: “The concept of Islamic awakening is moral awakening. If this moral awakening could overcome its Salafi (Extremist) surface, it will remain. If we could prove to the world that we are moral based, the world would listen to us. The world’s eyes are viewing the aspirations of the Iranian nation which is spirituality associated with progression.”

Before the speech of Imam’s relic, Ali Akbar Salehi, Iranian Foreign Affairs Minister, in a short speech, with emphasizing on continuance of Imam’s path and protecting the legacy of the founder of the Islamic republic said: “Thirty years ago a tree was planted by the hands of Imam, which now has ingrained in the whole world and the scent of Islamic awakening has rejoiced the Muslims.”

This ceremony was held by denoting a wreath to the great leader of the revolution along with saying prayers behind the relic of the Imam.