Mohammad Ali Ansari: ''Honoring Imam Khomeini shouldn’t get faded''

The committee of honoring the 23rd anniversary of Imam Khomeini’s demise held their first session

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The committee of honoring the 23rd anniversary of Imam Khomeini’s demise held their first session

The committee of honoring the 23rd anniversary of Imam Khomeini’s demise held their first session at Imam Khomeini’s holy shrine by the participation of Hojatoleslam Mohammad Ali Ansari secretary of the central honoring committee, commander in chief Ali Fazli, commander of Khatam-ul-Anbia base and other committee chiefs, representers of ministries and different organizations.

According to a report by Jamaran news agency, during this session, Mohammad Ali Ansari, secretary of the central committee, praised last years honoring ceremony and mentioned having a goal, interaction and management as the keys of their success.

Ansari continued by mentioning the international developments and Iran’s role in these developments and stated: “If in the last century the center of attention was Europe and based on Materialism philosophy, without any doubt in this century the focus of all developments is the Middle east and Islamic countries and the Islamic republic of Iran is the center of political developments of the world.”

Ansari mentioned that our power is a cultural power and said: “Spiritual power is the main power of the Islamic republic and it’s aspired from Imam Khomeini’s thoughts. All pillars and organizations should be ready to prevent the invasions toward Imam Khomeini. If they will be able to question Imam’s thoughts, they’ll reach to a lot of their desires. But of course Imam is an unbeatable character and no power can battle Imam’s thoughts.”

The secretary of Imam’s honoring committee stated: “The art of the Islamic republic is being able of proudly passing all the crisis and answering all the questions. The criticizers have the right to question but when the Islamic republic answers them, they should feel the the Islamic republic is exactly what mankind has been waiting for.”

He mentioned that we should act in a way that the enemies would feel that we will never step back for our goals and said: “Were there is the issue of Imam’s thought and idea, we won’t go back, even one step, we should define Imam’s thoughts by his own thoughts. We should understand Imam as he was.”

Ansari by saying that Imam’s demise anniversary is the best opportunity for those who love to make Imam’s school of thought eternal, said: “The days of Khordad (June) are known as Imam Khomeini’s days. We should do the best with a good program.”

The secretary of Imam’s honoring committee talked about the condition of being successful in the next year’s ceremony: “Factors like  motivation and love towards Imam, interconnection and a good management and also using the experiences of others should be the base of our future programs so we could have a good celebration.”

He compared June 4th 2012 with the birth of Imam Ali and said: “Imam Khomeini is the son of Imam Ali with the same bravery, piety, loving people, protecting divine values and the Shia school of thoughts. We should use this opportunity to its ultimates.”

In this program, representers of ministries and different organizations like the Interior Ministry, Defense Ministry, Education Ministry, Transportation and Housing Ministry , Justice Ministry and …, by emphasizing on holding a glorious ceremony talked about their viewpoints and recommendations about this matter.”