University Professor of Tunisia Said:

They Named the Tunisian Women Who Wore Hijab as ''The Khomeinies''

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They Named the Tunisian Women Who Wore Hijab as ''The Khomeinies''

The biology professor of the Tunisian University said: “Because of wearing the Islamic hijab by a group of women and girls in Tunisia they are named “The Khomeinis”.

“Mounira Hmani Aifa” a university professor and the discoverer of the eye disease genes in an interview with the reporter of Imam Khomeini’s Commemoration Committee, said: “Because of the gene which I had discovered, I was invited by the Al-Zahra university to attend and give a lecture in the “The Role of Women in Family and Society Conference” .

She referred to the presence of Iranian women in the society and said: “After I attended this conference all my thoughts about Iranian women has changed, for I have seen that the Iranian women mostly have a job and have a bold and great role in the society.”

She pointed to the instrumental use of women in western societies and stated: “When I lived in Sweden for studying, I was hearing a lot about the position of women in Western societies but as time passed by I understood about a lot of contradiction through their sayings. The Western societies use their women as an instrument. When I was invited for this conference, I realized about the propaganda against your women, women who are part today’s society, women who are educated and hold key positions in different fields.”

“The orders of God about women are being perfumed very well in Iran.” stated this Tunisian researcher.

The holder of UNESCO’s 2012 award for discovering the eye disease genes continued by talking about the impact of Imam Khomeini’s thoughts in other societies and said: “After the fall of the Tunisian dictator we found about a culture raised from the thoughts and ideas of Imam Khomeini.”

She continued: “If you speak with persons from my age, maybe they won’t be much familiar with Imam Khomeini, but does who are younger were able to have a good connection with Imam Khomeini’s thoughts and ideas and his character.”

She continued by talking about wearing Hijab and its usage in Tunisia: “From the time that we (a group of women and girls) decided to wear Hijab they named us “The Khomeinies”, because they believe that we have decided to wear Hijab by the impact of Imam Khomeini’s thoughts.”

This genetic researcher pointed to the effect of Imam’s thoughts on the region’s revolutions and stated: “The revolutions which happened in this region was because of the financial, spiritual, mental and cultural pressures on the people. Mean while some Islamic movements were formed, mostly by the youth and they believe that the revolutions of this region were mostly based on the Islamic revolution of Iran in 32 years ago.”

She hoped that the cooperation between Tunisia and Iran will continue and said: “I wish for a continuing relation between Tunisia and Iran and for the removal of obstacles in the path of Islamic country’s unity.”