The Programs of the Religious Minorities

For the Commemoration of the Revolution’s Late Leader

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For the Commemoration of the Revolution’s Late Leader

Based on the decisions of the Religious Minorities Committee for Imam Khomeini’s Commemoration, the religious minorities will meet the grandson of the late Imam Khomeini along with visiting the Imam’s residence and the Jamaran gallery on May 29th.

According to the News Committee the 2nd meeting of the Religious Minorities Committee was held by Mohammad Reza Mowahedi as its secretary and through this meeting their programs were described.

Through that meeting it was decided that on May 29th and at 4 p.m. the religious leader and the heads of the Zoroastrian, Assyrian, Armenian and Jewish unions and their MPs will have a meeting with Hojatoleslam Sayyid Hassan Khomeini at Imam Khomeini’s residence.

Also a public visiting for the followers of the mentioned religions from the Imam’s residence and the Jamaran gallery are among other programs of this day.

After visiting the Jamaran Hussayniah a meeting by the participation of the religious minority MPs and other followers of these religions will be held.

During that meeting, Sayyid Hassan Khomeini and one the MPs and a clergy from the religious minorities will talk about “Unity among Divine Religions”.

Based on the announced program, the religious minorities of Iran, through a ceremony on May 30th and at 5 p.m. will donate a wreath and pay tribute to spirit of Imam Khomeini.

Ms. Karina Ratious, the Armenian Diocese PR, Farzin Farnoushi, representative of the Cultural Union of the Jews, Edward Khoushabeh representative of Tehran’s Assyrian Union and Farrokh Ardeshirian representative of the Zoroastrian Union of Tehran were present at this meeting.

We should also mention that Tehran’s Union of the Jews and Union of the Zoroastrians will hold a separate and especial program to commemorate Imam Khomeini’s high position on May 21st and June 3rd.