Imam Khomeini and Islamic Awakening Conference in Sweden

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Imam Khomeini and Islamic Awakening Conference in Sweden

In occasion of the anniversary of Imam Khomeini’s heavenly departure a conference entitled ‘Imam Khomeini and Islamic Awakening’ was held in Stockholm, Sweden.

A number of cultural elites from Sweden, Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran participated at this event held by Iran’s culture house in Sweden, and delivered their speeches and recited their poems about the viewpoints of the great leader of the Islamic revolution in different  political and social fields.

Hamid Reza Shakeri Niasar, the Iranian ambassador to Sweden, while delivering his speech, described Imam Khomeini as a trans-historical character and a multi-dimension person who resembles high Islamic concepts such as humbleness, simple living, fearing God, loving people and anti-oppression.

He said: “The recent movements in the region and the wave of Islamic awakening in Muslim nations once more reminded us of a reality that was revealed by Imam Khomeini 30 years ago, this eternal reality is the overthrow of non-democratic regimes in the Islamic countries.”

Then Michael, a young Swedish researcher who had converted to Islam 10 years ago, named the spiritual problems of the Western society and their moral and social deadens which the imperialism systems and their materialism thoughts had brought for them, and he named Islam and the Quran’s pure teachings and being rational along with ethics and spirituality from Imam Ali’s way of life as the only way for their salvation.

He mentioned the importance of Imam Khomeini’s spiritual dimension and emphasized on the different dimensions of that wise leader and stated: “Imam Khomeini was a mystic scientist, a philosopher who respected morality and a wise politician who attracted people by his spiritual sayings and behavior and leaded them during the revolution and I am, personally, attracted to his spiritual dimension and count his practical mysticism as his most influencing dimension.”

In continuum Hojatoleslam Hakim Elahi, head of Imam Ali Islamic Center in Stockholm, delivered a speech about Imam Khomeini’s ethical and spiritual personality and his influence on giving identity to the Muslim nations and the forming of Islamic awakening. 

Also Shebar Hussein, the representative of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq (ISCI) in Sweden delivered an article studying the role and impact of Imam's saying in giving encouragement to the Muslims.

At the end of this event an Iranian resident of Sweden recited his poem about the Islamic Revolution of Iran and its great founder.