Mersad operation dealt crushing blow to MKO terrorists

Mersad operation dealt crushing blow to MKO terrorists

Imam Khomeini the founder of the Islamic Republic on several occasions exposed the anti-Iran terrorist Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO) for its crimes and acts of violence.

The MKO fled Iran in 1986 for Iraq, where it received the backing of Iraq’s executed dictator Saddam Hussein and set up a camp near the Iranian border. The terrorist group also sided with Saddam during Iraq’s eight-year imposed war on the Islamic Republic in 1980-1988.

It was 1987 that Islamic Revolution of Iran accepted the resolution 598. Iran never rejected the resolution from the first days of approving resolution and suggested some conditions through the negotiations with the Secretary-General of the United Nations. At the time America, England and France broke off the negotiations. America directly started to fight against Iran. Finally the high ranked authorities of the Islamic Revolution of Iran decided to accept the resolution with the acceptance of Imam Khomeini (RA), Concerning the acceptance of the Resolution, which is indeed a bitter and unpleasant matter for all especially for me. "I drank the poisoned chalice of accepting the resolution" Imam Khomeini said.

As Imam predicted, accepting the resolution did not mean the ceasefire of the war and the Bathi forces captured the regions which were under the control of Iran during the 8 years, in a short time after the accepting of the resolution.

After the anti-attacks of the Islamic Revolution of Iran the Bathi forces tried to stand against the Iranian forces but they never could be successful. Finally the Bathi forces retreated.

MKO also known as Munafiqin Organization believed that it is impossible for Iran to accept the resolution and they explicitly announced that: Iran will accept the resolution in the case of military – political and Economic impasse. When the Islamic Republic accepted the resolution, all their tricks and plans were failed. It was 1988 that the 14 American senators sent a letter to George Shultz the Former foreign minister of the United States and wanted him to support the Munafiqin Organization.

The Munafiqin (Hypocrites) Organization decided to attack against Iran to prevent the loss of forces.

Mersad Operation started on 27/07/1988 to fight against Munafiqin organization and got back the occupied region. Islamic Revolution Guards Corps was the commander of the operation with the support of the Iran Air Forces Army. They started operation through the 3 paths: Chahar Zebar, Qalajeh road and Islam Abad – Pol Dokhtar road and moved the anti-revolution forces back to the border line. After the Mersad Operation the 8 years of sacred defense were finished by the loss of Munafiqin Organization. That was a hard loss for Masoud Rajavi and Munafiqin Organization on 1988.

It is necessary to mention that imam Khomeini (RA) had an active diplomacy in the foreign policy. Masoud Rajavi never thought that Iran accept the resolution, he shocked as he heard about the resolution acceptance by Imam Khomeini.

Rajavi had not enough time to create coherence among the forces; he created a funny plan for attacking Iran. He believed that his unorganized forces are able to defeat an army that the Bathi forces could not defeat them during the 8 years. Rajavi believed that he would be successful with the support of people while he did not know that nobody trusted him and his Organization. Ignoring the political thoughts in Iran was the main reason of Munafiqin defeat in the Mersad Operation.

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