Condolence on Martyrdom of Tens of Iranians as the Result of Downing of Iran's Passenger Plane by America

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Condolence on Martyrdom of Tens of Iranians as the Result of Downing of Iran's Passenger Plane by America

On the morning of Tir12, 1367 AHS (July 3,1988), Monday, one passenger plane of the Islamic Republic of Iran en route to Dubai (United Arab Emirates) from Bandar `Abbas, Iran, was shot down by two missiles fired from American naval warships stationed in the Persian Gulf, martyring all 290 passengers and the crew on board. Many years after the heavenly departure of Imam Khomeini, with the pursuance of the complaint of the Islamic Republic of Iran, The Hague Court convicted America and demanded it to pay indemnity.

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

The noble nation of Iran must pay attention to the fact that today is the day of war and struggle against all the devils who are trampling on the lawful rights of all the barefooted of the world for their wining and dining as well as development of weapons so that they always rule over the world of the starving ones…

Our war is not a war with the superpowers of the East and the West. Our war is the war of our school of thought against all forms of oppression and tyranny. Our war is the war of Islam against all the inequalities of the capitalist and communist world. Our war is the war of bare footedness against the luxuries of the indolent wealthy and rulers of the Muslim countries. This war knows no weapon. This war is not confined by frontier and territory. This war knows no home base, sanctuary, defeat, and the bitterness of shortage, poverty and hunger. This war is the war of ideology and the war of revolutionary ideological values against the filthy world of force, money and hedonism. Our war is the war of sanctity, dignity, nobility and fortitude against all forms of dastardliness and foul play…

The noble people of Iran should beware that these days the unclean hands of the East and the West have joined to destroy Islam and Muslims. We should not allow the efforts of our revolutionary children go in vain at the warfronts. We should extend the hand of unity to one another for the implementation of the laws of dear Islam and move firmly and resolutely until the victory of Islam…

The explosion of the passengers' airbus is an alarm for all air travels. We should try our best so that such painful scenarios would not happen again.

I extend my condolences to all members of the bereaved families in this tragedy and share with them in their sorrow and agony for the loss of their beloved ones…

May God's peace and mercy be upon you.
Rouhullah al-Mousawi al-Khomeini

Sahifeh, vol. 21, Page: 66-67
Date: July 4, 1988 [ Tir 13, 1367 AHS/ Dhou'l-Qa`dah 19, 1408 AH ]