The Blessed Virgin Mary in Imam Khomeini's Words

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The Blessed Virgin Mary in Imam Khomeini's Words

Here, we mention some of Imam Khomeini's quotations about Saint Mary.

In the Most Noble Qur’an there are verses, which indicate that persons other than the prophets have seen angels, have seen Gabriel even, and they have spoken to them.  We will recite some examples here:  “Behold, the angels said:  Oh Mary!  God hath chosen thee and purified thee, chosen thee above the women of all nations,” (Qur’an 3:42.)

Then the angels related to Mary many of the circumstances of Jesus Christ’s life and the miracles he would perform. They revealed to her knowledge of the unseen.  In Surat Maryam, verse 17, we read:  “Then We sent to her Our angel, and he appeared before her as a man in all respects.”  The visits made by the angels and Gabriel to Mary are mentioned in many verses of the Qur’an, and the knowledge of the unseen God revealed to her (Kashf-e Asrar, pp. 126-27).

Almighty God’s blessings and peace upon Jesus, the son of Maryam, the spirit of God and exalted prophet who raised the dead and awakened the slumberers. Almighty God’s blessings and peace upon his exalted mother the Virgin Mary, the veracious into whose womb God blew life and who delivered a great son to those thirsty for divine mercy (See Sahifeh-ye Imam, vol. 5, p. 267)

Hazrat Jesus (upon whom be peace) - whom these people follow and whom they believe spoke only of spiritual matters - was just the same.  From the beginning he had to struggle.  When he was born, only a short time after his birth, he spoke saying he had brought a book of revelation.

This is what the Qur’an says of him, that when he was born, he spoke to his mother, who was upset by the accusations leveled against her (by the Jews), telling her to grieve not, that if anyone came to speak to her to say she was fasting - as probably she was - and for them to go and ask the child.

Her people came to her just after the birth and began to speak to her in an impertinent manner.  Hazrat Mary pointed to the child for them to go and speak to him.  They asked:  “How can we converse with him?”  Then Jesus spoke telling them that God had given him a book of revelation (See Ibid., vol. 20, p. 387).