Imam Khomeini echoed a return to spirituality

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Imam Khomeini echoed a return to spirituality

A prominent intellectual says that Imam Khomeini-led revolution invited the whole humanity and the international community for a return towards moral and spiritual values.

Johann Michel Warnosheh, a high-profile French author and investigative journalist made remarks during a conference attended by professors and academics from Sorbonne University.

The great Imam made clear to followers of the all religions and schools of thought that the international peace and salvation of the humanity was not possible without a real return towards core moral and spiritual values, the scholar noted.

Warnosheh who has also been the political analyst for Le Figaro and several other prestigious newspapers noted the current international society was descending into to a moral decline due to negligence towards Spiritual and moral heritage of Imam Khomeini.

The famous academic also noted that Imam Khomeini’s historic letter delivered to Mikhail S. Gorbachev, the last leader of the former Soviet Union, contained several precious moral and political points.

The founder of the Islamic Republic had made clear through the letter that communism and imperialism had absolutely failed in responding the material and spiritual needs of the young generations.

The well-known scholar also strongly condemned anti-Iranian movies including “Argo” produced by Hollywood in recent years and distributed across the world.

He also denounced the certain western media outlets that were systematically promoting Iranophobia, emphasizing that such efforts were doomed to fail and will lead the hostile powers to nowhere.