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Current research work is the second and the third volumes of a series of works containing bibliography and books review on the subject of Islamic Revolution of Iran. Its first volume was published in the year 1998 by Center of Studies and Research on Media of Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, and it focused on introducing the books published in connection with Islamic Revolution and the relevant issues from1979 to 1993. Mentioned bibliography included the printed books in Persian and English language published on domestic and international level that could be really considered a comprehensive bibliography with regard to Islamic Revolution. The objective pursued by compilation of this book as it has been mentioned in its preface was to provide such collection, which could make scholars and researchers aware about existing sources and research regarding the Islamic Revolution and prevent from on going repetitive and similar works.

Undoubtedly, permanence and up to date information are from among the signs of validity and comprehensiveness of every bibliography. Therefore, authentic bibliographies are made up of unlimited collections, on other hand; constantly carrying out

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