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Imam Khomeini's Message

You have manifested your Islamic and revolutionary growth during the course of the struggle and now, more than ever, it is necessary for you to show this growth to the whole world ... Hence, I want all of you, firstly, to obstruct any chaos and acts of sedition and do not allow malicious saboteurs to carry out activities such as looting, arson, punishing the convicted ones, destruction of scientific, technical, industrial, and artistic works, and vandalizing public and private properties. The enemies would resort to all sorts of ruses such as infiltrating the Muslim masses with corrupt and malicious elements in order to distort the image of the movement and present it as a reactionary and violent one. I declare to everyone that any individual who gets involved in such activities will be ostracized from the nation's revolutionary community and will be responsible before the Exalted God. Secondly, take note that our Revolution has not yet fully attained victory over the enemy, who enjoys all the means of conspiracy, and is lurking around with plots. Only vigilance, revolutionary discipline, and obedience to the commands of the leadership and the Islamic provisional government can thwart all these plots. Thirdly, do not ever subject to any violence and persecution those individuals from among the enemy who are taken captive by you. In accordance with Islamic traditions, show them kindness and affection.

Rouhullah al-Mousawi al-Khomeini
Sahifeh, vol6, Page: 113

Chronology of the Islamic Revolution

12 Bahman 1357 AHS (February 01, 1979 C.E.)
*At 5.30 A.M. at dawn, plane carrying Imam Khomeini departs from Paris towards Tehran.
*He is accorded the most sensational welcome in history from the airport to Behesht-e-Zahra burial ground (place where Imam delivers his speech).
*At the gathering of welcoming crowd, Imam Khomeini thanks all strata of society and calls the Shah’s departure and his own arrival as the foremost step to victory...

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Iran... Iran...

Islamic Revolution of Iran

an Interview with Molla Mohammad Ghasem and Jalal Omar al-Hamid from Kenya

Please introduce yourself and tell us where you are from?
M.: My name is Molla Mohammad Ghasem from Kenya, right now I am the head of a religious institute called Sharia Family Association dealing with the family affairs and problems.
J.: My name is Jalal Omar al-Hamid, head of the Muslims Supreme Council in Kenya.


How many times you have travelled to Iran and how did you come to know about Imam Khomeini for the first time?
M.: At first, I was a student in Iraq. Then I got the chance to travel to Iran and be informed of the political atmosphere before the revolution. I remember that we were constantly pursuing the News broadcast by radio about the Islamic revolution events. Then Imam Khomeini returned home after living about fifteen years in exile. The revolution led by the Imam was a unique historical event throughout the history. We always pray for the Imam and martyrs of the Islamic Revolution. ...

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An interview with a foreign guest attending the International conference on the Islamic Unity

Question: Could Please introduce yourself?
Answer: In the name of God. My name is Dr. AtaburRahman, I belong to Pakistan. I'm the member of supreme council of Jamaat e Islami which is headed by QaziHussainAhamad. I'm a formal member of Pakistani parliament and I'm also the General sectary of examination board of Islamic institutes in Pakistan. I'm also a member of international forum for Islamic placement detriments.


Question: Thank you very much. For the first question, is it possible for you to explain us Imam Khomeini'sattitude about the unity between Muslims especially Sunni and Shia?
Answer: yes we first of all we are no strangerto Imam Khomeini after discovery of his personality following the revolution. We found him as a brave Muslim leader, such a leader who neverashamed of beingtrue follower of Islam. He was very openly and bravely telling to the world that yes we are Muslims. We have an ideology which is useful for the whole humanity. ...


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Foreign Personalities' Opinions Regarding Imam Khomeini

Imam Khomeini is an extremely popular personality not only in Iran and among the Muslim community, but also in most of the countries across the globe. The Imam's devotees at any opportunity express their ideas and emotions about him and the unique revolution he led successfully. On the auspicious occasion for the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution's victory, we have provided the viewers the following selection written down by foreign personalities aboutImam Khomeini and the Islamic Revolution:

Notes & Articles

Al-azhar Praises Imam Khomeini Leadership


Al-azhar Sheikh's deputy assimilates Egyptian uprising and the Islamic Revolution of Iran and praises leadership of Imam Khomeini (RA)as the main reason for ۱۹۷۸ victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran...


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Imam Khomeini most glowing example in contemporary times


Delhi Assembly Speaker on Wednesday said that Imam Khomeini (r.a.), founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, was was one of the most glowing example in contemporary times...


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Imam Khomeini’s State A Unique International Model


The eyes of the world witnessed the brilliant Islamic Republic of Iran upon the historical Islamic Revolution during an era of ultimate competition between both grand powers: the United States and...


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Law and Imam khomeini


Imam Khomeini in adherence to the policy and approach of Imam al-Muttaqin (Imam of the Pious), Hazrat Ali (as) maintained special importance for precise practice of the laws of Islam; he was the first one to exercise law...


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Victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran


Victory of the Islamic Revolution under Imam Khomeini’s leadership on February 11, 1979 is regarded as one of the most significant event of the contemporary era. Iran, Middle Eastern countries and...


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Imam Khomeini a prominent figure in Islamic philosophy


Imam Khomeini is a prominent personality in Islamic philosophy, French religious figure said.
Jurist Nsengimana Mose...


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Questions about the Islamic Revolution

  • What were Imam Predictions about struggle of the Iranian nation against the Shah Regime?

     A) The victory of the Islamic Revolution
    • I am determined to stop the despotic regime, with all my power, from doing anti-Islamic acts, and ours will be the final victory, God willing;" Allah's word it was that became the uppermost."


    • Nation of Iran! Rest assured that sooner or later victory will be yours. With his" government of national reconciliation", the Shah wants to make the dignified clergy and the respected politicians have a part in the massacres he has perpetrated; however, his ruse was exposed very early." Lo! The devil's strategy is ever weak."


    • Our objective is to form an Islamic Republic and given the present situation, it is clearer than the sun for me that we will attain it in the near future. ...

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  • What forms the basic identity and distinguishing characteristics of the Islamic Revolution?

    A) The Islamic Revolution is of human and Islamic nature
    I hope that we succeed in this Iranian Islamic movement, which is specifically Islamic and is carried out to achieve Islamic goals with absolutely humane intentions, and that our dream, which is Islam and its commands- in which the Muslims' independence and freedom has been guaranteed- come true. I hope we achieve this victory. These Muslims, as Islam has instructed, must unite and become one, so their wishes and dreams may be realized; and Islam's instructions may be enforced everywhere in the world. May God, the Exalted, bless all of the Muslims.


    B) The Islamic movement prioritized the Islamizaiton over the politics
    This movement stems from Islam. At the time of Ayatullah Kashani and Musaddiq, politics was the main issue. ...

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