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Objectives and signs of the holy prophet’s mission from viewpoint of Imam Khomeini

I believe that the limit of prophecy and the incentive of prophetic mission are drawn in a beautiful way by the Quran and the tales. But since the Quran has interiors and its depth is complete as much as Man’s thoughts depth is Islam’s sophisticated followers and each one of them fitting the depth and in the ocean of that book that cannot be doubted have had different interpretations of the intention of prophetic mission and here I want to prove that the thoughts of his excellency Imam Khomeini comes from the Quran and Nahjolbalagheh ideas and his excellency is proud that he has put on the obedience clothes regarding the Alavi guardianship school of thought and Mostafavi prophecy that are on his original thoughts and they have a stable stature and they are true as well.

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