Millions Said Yes to Imam Khomeini

Millions Said Yes to Imam Khomeini

Million of Iranian voters said Yes to a call by the founder of the Islamic Republic through approving the constitution in a historic referendum.

A vast majority of Iranians cast their ballots despite a great propaganda by main western media stream and a smear campaign by foes who tried their best to discourage the masses.

The constitution was a great achievement of the newly-established Islamic-democratic system which brought prosperity for the Iranian nation later years. 

The constitution fulfills the rights of all the Muslim nation of Iran regardless of their ethnicity and sects. 

The Iranian constitution guarantees great personal and civil liberties for people from all strata of society.

Imam Khomeini, the world religious and spiritual power insisted on developing an all-inclusive democratic institution, promoting democracy and enforcing rule of law in the society. 

Imam Khomeini emphasized on developing sincere and deep relationship between the people and the leadership of the Islamic-democratic government.

 Analysts maintain Imam Khomeini could constitute the most popular types of governments in contemporary era.

Contrary to all the world’s existing political systems, the people, after determination of leadership and carrying out elections, do not disavow responsibility.  Rather, their presence in the scenes of management of the Islamic society and participation in the destiny of the Islamic System is guaranteed as an incumbent religious duty.

The great leader of the Muslim world used to maintain that the pillar of Islamic rule is based on mutual trust between the people and competent leadership. Imam insisted on serving masses on oppressed classes of the nation.

“If they call me a servant, it is better than being called a leader. Leadership is not what matters; what matters is service; Islam has made it necessary for us to serve... I am a brother to the Iranian people and regard myself as their servant and soldier... In Islam, one-thing rules and that is the law. Law also ruled during the time of the honorable Prophet; He was the implementer,” Imam Khomeini said in one of his messages.

Pundits believe that if Imam Khomeini’s role-model of the Islamic-democratic is widely adopted by the Muslim nations, then the Islamic world could be relieved form the ongoing miseries and difficult situation.

The Islamic Republic has held several referendums and election since its establishment in 1979

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