Authorities must serve nation: Imam Khomeini

Authorities must serve nation: Imam Khomeini

Imam Khomeini the founder of the Islamic Republic once advised his son to undertake divine considerations while accepting a governmental position.

Imam at a certain occasion addressed his son Ahmad Khomeini as saying that he could accept a governmental position in certain circumstances.

I see no objection if you accept a post with intention of delivering service to God the Almighty and nation, the great religious and spiritual leader of the Muslim world said.

However, Imam suggested that if worldly factors and carnal desires were involved in possessing a position, then we must turn down and rebuff privileges.

 The founder of the Islamic Republic always considered himself as a servant to nation and recommended all government officials and authorities to work for the public and masses.

The great religious and spiritual leader of the Muslim world wrote several memoirs, letter and poetic verses to his offspring.

The writing pieces are of great significance as they consist off mystical and divine recommendations.

The founder of the Islamic Republic used to advise his family members, followers and all believers to caution against lower carnal desires and decorate themselves with divine morals and manners. 

He warned them against falling into moral and social decline and advised them to take serious efforts in order to enjoy spiritual prosperity and hereafter salvation.

Dozens of Imam's works have been translated in several languages over the past years and are widely welcomed by a various range of readers across the globe.

Imam has left several works on jurisprudence, Hadith, Quranic interpretation, philosophy and mysticism. The great leader's genuine teachings and works would continue to guide the generations to come in coming decades.

Imam Khomeini established an Islamic-democratic system which aimed at bringing independence, freedom, and civil liberties for the Iranians and all other oppressed nations across the globe.

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