Imam Khomeini Released Congratulatory Messages on Christmas

Imam Khomeini Released Congratulatory Messages on Christmas

Imam sent messages of congratulations on eve of Christmas during his historic stay in the French capital Paris and he continued this pattern even after victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran.

Imam regularly sent congratulatory messages to the Christian leaders on the auspicious occasion of Christmas and urged them to be true follower of the Jesus. He also invited the Christian community to resort to genuine teachings of Jesus on the occasion of Christmas and avail this opportunity to revive divine nature of his message.

During Imam’s stay in Paris, he distributed sweets on Christmas and Christians living in the Paris neighborhood were deeply impressed by Imam’s ethical conduct and behavior. 

Imam Khomeini the religious and spiritual leader of the Muslim world used to call for the Christian community to follow pure and genuine teachings as promoted by the divine prophet, Jesus Christ.

Imam also held several meetings with Christian leaders prior and after the victory of the Islamic Revolution and called for the Church to join the struggle against oppressors and colonialism.

Imam was a great champion of unity among all religious schools of thought and wanted them to take unified stance against imperial and aggressive powers.

During the meetings with Jewish and Christian leaders and urged them to stand by the Islamic Republic, the Iranian nation and oppressed nations of the world against aggressions and discriminations.

The great Imam maintained that Christian people and leaders should follow the pure teachings of the Jesus Christ—the great prophet of God the Almighty — instead of favoring the wrongdoing of some aggressive materialistic minded rulers.

The founder of the Islamic Republic believed in the unity of Islam and other divine religions as it was necessary against colonialists and the enemies of Islam. Call to unity under the flag of monotheism forms an important part of Imam’s messages and speeches.

The works and initiatives of Imam remain equal popular among all followers of Divine faiths including the Muslims, Christians, Jews and others.  Imam was also a staunch supporter of the minorities and issued special recommendations and advised that their rights must be observed.

The great imam believed that man’s intuition is based on monotheism, charity, search for truth and justice. According to Imam, if general awareness increases and the evil of ego weakened, then every human society will take to God-seeking and live in environments rich in peace and tranquility.

In all his public messages and speeches, the Imam had urged the world captive nations and the oppressed peoples to rise against the arrogant world and colonial powers. 

The great leader of the world had initiated the idea of forming “Party of the Oppressed Peoples” and defended it. 

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