Ignorance triggering all problems: Imam Khomeini

Ignorance triggering all problems: Imam Khomeini

The founder of the Islamic Republic used to say that root cause of all problems throughout the history has been ignorance, illiteracy and lack of knowledge.

Imam once in his historic remarks some exploiting powers have been misusing the people ignorance in the past to advance their vicious agenda. 

The great religious and spiritual leader maintained that if people equip themselves with knowledge along with divine training, then no power could violate their rights or impose dictatorship against them.   

The great Imam launched an all-out campaign in order to spread education at all levels for all strata of people following the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran. 

The great spiritual leader issued special guidelines and recommendations in order to improve the country’s literacy rate and promoted a wide-scale education campaign for masses and elites.

The great Imam ordered the relevant authorities to consider education as important as basic healthcare and social welfare.

Due to Imam’s special attention to education sector and wise educational policies, literacy rate was dramatically improved and special opportunities were initiated at primary and higher educational levels.

Iran accomplished great scientific and academic achievements under the wise leadership of Imam Khomeini and became the most literate country in the Middle-East and became a role model for the whole Muslim Ummah.

Imam’s motto of education for all was seriously adopted and free education with great quality was provided in all well-developed or less developed parts of the country.

The results for this campaign were soon tangible and the Iranian universities were expanded and their ranking was upgraded in the international system.

Iran was ranked high in fields of humanities, social sciences, research, scientific education and medical education and the achievements were enormous.

The great Imam was inspired by the holy teachings of the holy prophet and his infallible successors who encouraged the education and gave great importance to knowledge. The holy Quran and our religious traditions put great emphasizes on gaining knowledge and wisdom.

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