World Saw Homecoming of Imam Khomeini

World Saw Homecoming of Imam Khomeini

International news channels broadcast live footage of millions of people lined the streets of the nation's capital, Tehran, to witness the homecoming of the world religious and spiritual leader.

The world religious leader Imam Khomeini made a triumphant return to Iran after 15 years in exile.

Imam Khomeini was imprisoned by the brutal Shah regime in 1963 for his opposition to reforms and was sent to the exile the following year, to Iraq - via Turkey.  

The great Imam spent the last few months of his exile in Nofel Lashato, on the outskirts of the French capital Paris, from where he coordinated and monitored the Islamic movement and revolution in January that forced the Shah of Iran to go into hiding.

The great leader emerged from his chartered plane to meet masses, social, religious and political leaders in the terminal building.

Thousands of security forces quickly lost control of the crowds of millions outside the airport exciting to catch a glimpse of the leader who has been their spiritual inspiration.

Imam raised his hands in greeting and appreciation for the welcoming crowds.

The procession of millions did not stop in Tehran itself but made the 12 mile journey south to the Cemetery of Martyrs known as Behesht-Zahra where Imam delivered a historic speech for his supporters and devotees.

Imam openly spoke against the Shah installed and puppet regime of Shahpur Bakhtiar has gradually started losing control of the army and the other institutions. The Bakhtair regime and Shah remnants had tried to re-assert its authority by cutting TV pictures of Imam Khomeini speeches among crowds of millions.

Imam issued warning and urged the public’s extra caution against Bakhtiar and his people who were trying to bring back the regime of the Shah or trying to assert their authority. The great leader promised to counter all of their conspiracies and plots.  

Shahpur Bakhtiar was forces stepped down as the last puppet prime minister of the Shah regime less than two weeks later and fled the country.

Imam Khomeini appointed the transitional government with the backing of public and masses to pursue the democratic process and to hold a referendum and elections.

Imam had made clear that he would establish an Islamic democratic system where pure, genuine and real teachings of Islam would be promoted and implemented.

The founder of the Islamic Republic once said Islam has represented a very civilized democratic system which guarantees various types of civil liberties and freedoms for all strata of the society.

The great Imam believed that the progressive Islamic system will guard and watch all social, material and spiritual interests of the Muslim world and oppressed nation.

The progressive Islamic government brought prosperity and development for the nation in coming years. 

Imam Khomeini is widely loved by devotees and believers and his works are increasingly becoming popular around the globe.

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