Imam Khomeini Matchless in Contemporary Era: Lebanese Scholar

Imam Khomeini Matchless in Contemporary Era: Lebanese Scholar

A Lebanese Muslim scholar says Imam Khomeini is considered one of the greatest and matchless figures of the 20th century.

Sheikh Abdul Nasser Jabri, head of al-Dawa' Faculty, the head of the Islamic studies and Guidance College made remarks with our website on sidelines of an international summit held in Tehran.

The great spiritual and religious leader led the great Islamic revolution through his divine wisdom and deep knowledge of mysticism, the scholar added.

He also went onto say that Imam had restored dignity and grandeur to the all Muslim nations by leading such a incomparable revolution.

Commenting on the Palestinian issue, the academic said that the great Imam had undertaken serious efforts and practical steps to highlight the issue on international arena.

It is worth mentioning that the great leader of the Muslim world declared the last Friday from the holy month of Ramadan as international Quds day to expose Israeli crimes and express solidarity with the Iranian nation.

The Islamic studies professor said that Imam revived the Palestinian issue at a time when the world arrogance power were attempting to reduce its significance and Arab countries such as Egypt had abandoned by signing Camp David treaty with Israel.

The analyst also said that Imam revived the Quranic concepts such by placing the oppressed nations against arrogant powers.

The professor concluded by saying that the great Imam was a great supporter and champion of unity among Muslims, followers of all divine religions and oppressed people of the globe.

Several pundits say the impact of the Islamic Revolution and its dynamic teachings were enormous and inspired revolutions as well as Muslim and free-minded generations in later decades.

Imam Khomeini revived the humane and moral values and challenged all material systems that ignore the mankind spiritual perspectives.  

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