Imam Khomeini never sought popularity

Imam Khomeini never sought popularity

Imam Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic has had avoided from earning any type of fame or popularity.

Friends and relatives say that the great leader of the Muslim world had never pursued the fame or special status through his position, knowledge or academic works.

People within close inner circle of Imam say that he had initially denied form publishing his books during his stay in holy city of Najaf.

For an instance, friends have described through their memoirs that once Imam’s devotees and followers had asked for his permission to publish his famous book “ Tahrir al-Wasila” which contains precious jurisprudential discussions and decrees.

Imam responded that no money should be spent from public funds for publication of his works. He had even removed from the cover page all special titles which highlighted his special capabilities.

It is noteworthy that Imam had written this precious jurisprudential works while he was in exile in Turkey.

Imam has left dozens of academic works which covers a range of academic, spiritual, mystic, jurisprudence, philosophical and theological fields.

Several of works including ‘Forty Hadith’ left by Imam Khomeini contain mystical treasures and the great scholar of contemporary era has touched upon various issues with genuine Islamic approach. 

Some of his valuable mystical and spiritual works consist of Misbah al-Hidayah, an exposition on forty Hadiths, the hosts of intellect and ignorance, discipline of prayers, secret of prayers and several others.

His dynamic mystic and religious thought would continue to spiritually guide and transform the truth-seekers for the coming periods and centuries.

Dozens of Imam's works have been translated in several languages over the past years and are widely welcomed by a various range of readers across the globe.

The great leader's genuine teachings and works would continue to guide the generations to come in coming decades. 

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