Imam Khomeini's Wife Rendered Sacrifices

Imam Khomeini's Wife Rendered Sacrifices

The institute with close coordination of several other organizations plans to organize a summit on Imam Khomeini's wife contribution to the Islamic Revolution.

The summit will be held in Tehran and Qom and will be attended by the Iranian and international scholars. 

Pundits say Imam Khomeini’s spouse has been remained an intelligent backer and aide to the founder of the Islamic Republic throughout the history of the Revolution.

The founder of the Islamic Republic used to say his success also owes to sacrifices rendered by his wife.

Several committees are tasked with holding a summit in honor of Imam’s Imam Khomeini's late wife, Khadijah Thaqafi, known as Quds-Iran.

Lady Khadijah belonged to a religious family of Ayatollah Thaqafi and had leaned divine knowledge and manners from her father.

She had stood behind Imam like a solid rock through all stages of the Islamic Revolution.

The scholar also noted that the noble lady has had been great support for Imam Khomeini during tough years of exile and at the moment of their son martyrdom.  

The great spouse of Imam remained with Imam during years of exile and never gave him up for a single moment in thick or thin times.

Late Lady Khadija Saqafi has described through her memories that the founder of the Islamic Republic exercised a great amount of patience and tolerance during all tough years of struggle and following the victory of the Islamic Revolution.

Lady Khadija Saqafi frequently appreciated the great ethical norms practiced by the great spiritual leader within and outside the family environment.

The wise lady noted that the great leader never imposed his own will on any of family members or friends.

The great leader of the Islamic world had only demanded her to perform obligatory worships and fulfill religious obligations. He never demanded too much extra or beyond expectations regarding the worldly and religious affairs, Lady Khadija noted.

After the victory of the Islamic Revolution, several officials and dignitaries’ families paid visits to Imam’s house and she along with her family visited their homes. She never became tried of fulfilling her responsibilities. She always avoided nepotism and favoritism. Imam always used to praise her sacrifices and services she rendered to family and the revolution.

The lady Khadija described one of the most difficult and tough times of her life when the great leader of the Islamic world Imam Khomeini passed away and departed to heavens. She stood by her children and the revolution after the Imam’s passing away.

Late Lady Khadija is known as mother of the Islamic Revolution and her sacrifices are hailed and appreciated by all the entire Iranian nation and divine people around the world.

Imam Khomeini’s wife created a peaceful atmosphere at home despite all difficulties faced by her family during struggle against the Shah regime.

Imam’s Khomeini's late wife, Khadijah Thaqafi, is known as Quds-Iran.

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