Imam Khomeini Encouraged Women Role in Society

Imam Khomeini Encouraged Women Role in Society

Imam Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic used to highlight the importance of women role in the Muslim society.

Imam Khomeini’s views on women are of high importance and value. 

Several scholars have been attempting to analyze some problems of women’s status in contemporary societies as well as in Islam based on the Imam’s views.

The founder of the Islamic Republic also encouraged to women to play active role in the Muslim society shoulder to shoulder with men. 

The great Imam used to encourage women to follow footsteps of Fatima Zahra (peace be upon her), the daughter of the holy prophet of Islam, in order to accomplish real social achievements and spiritual salvation.

Imam views on women role in the society gain more significance as Iran has held an international summit on Imam Khomeini’s wife, the Late Khadijeh Saqafi commemoration 

Meanwhile, President Hassan Rouhani has praised women's role in Iranian society and family.

Speaking in a conference on Imam Khomeini’s wife, the Late Khadijeh Saqafi commemoration on Sunday morning, he stressed active presence of Iranian women both in society and family, IRNAreported.   He said that Imam Khomeini introduced real political Islam which has the potential to manage the world today.  President hailed Iranian women's role in the revolution and post-revolution era and asked the Iranian women to help execution of resistance economy policies.  The one-day conference on Imam Khomeini’s wife commemoration held this year at Tehran Summit Conference Hall and a book on the life of Imam Khomeini’s wife which includes her documents, autobiography, poems and unpublished pictures displayed on the sidelines of the conference. Several Iranian high ranking officials attended the ceremony to celebrate the Late Khadijeh Saqafi's 60-year struggle against tyranny beside Late Imam Khomeini.

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