Imam Khomeini Distributed his Land Among Farmers

Imam Khomeini Distributed his Land Among Farmers

The founder of the Islamic Republic distributed his ancestor land among needy farmers in the historic city of Khomeini.

Relatives and friends say that Imam Khomeini had some pieces of agricultural and residential pieces of land which he had inherited by his ancestors. 

However, the great spiritual leader had distributed these lands among needy farmers and poor residents. 

The great figure of the history distributed all his inheritance among the local farmers and laborers.

He also opted to live at the edge of the holy city of Qom among deprived classes of people while he was teaching at the Islamic seminaries.

After Imam’s exile to Turkey and holy city of Najaf in Iraq, Imam’s residences were almost devoted to for the seminary students and they used to consult these sites to resolve their educational and financial problems.

Before and after the victory of the Islamic Revolution, Imam was granted with hectors of lands and precious gifts by believers and faithful. However, the great Imam distributed all these properties among the needy farmers and workers.

Several pundits believe that Imam Khomeini the founder of the Islamic Republic truly exemplified the true and genuine teachings of the holy prophet of Islam and his infallible successors in his lifestyle.

The great figure put emphasis on the importance of spirituality and attaining the nearness of Allah before he began lecturing his students on political activism and intellectualism.

The commentators believe Imam spiritual and simple life became role model for faithful people. His relatives and friends say despite Imam’s academic and political engagements, he always upheld the rights of various people belonging to various layers of society.

Thousands of Imam’s devotees and pilgrims visit his simple residences in Tehran, Qom and city of Khomeini to closely see his simple lifestyle. Imam’s dynamic thought and personality are increasingly becoming popular in various parts of the world. 

It has also been reported that Imam used to distribute among poor whatever income he had generated.  

The great Imam was great mindful of his  religious duties and performed all of them with great accuracy in accordance with divine teachings of Islam. 

 The various facets of this amazing Islamic leadership of great Imam may be characterized as an exceptional personal integrity, unselfish lifestyle, iron- will, incredible courage and steadfastness.

The world religious and spiritual leader had the capacity for stoic endurance, and empathy with the suffering and oppressed people.

It is also noteworthy Imam was also blessed with extraordinary communication and oratorical skills.

The great intellectual of the Muslim world had followed the footsteps of the holy prophet of Islam and his infallible successors in leading a simple lifestyle and helping deprived stratum. 

Imam Khomeini  led very simple life before and after the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979 and spared no efforts in rendering help to the most poor and needy classes of the society.

Pundits and analysts maintain that Imam Khomeini had managed to attract a large number of followers because he characterized and decorated himself by leading a modest and simple life. 

The great leader led the masses by described himself a servant of the nation. 

 “If they call me a servant, it would be better than being called a leader. Being a leader is not what matters. What matters is service, Islam has made it necessary for us to serve! I am a brother to Iranian people and regard myself as their servant and soldier...” the founder of the Islamic Republic once said.   

After decades of struggle, the Islamic revolution under the wise leadership of Imam Khomeini gained the victory. The Islamic-democratic system establish by the great Imam brought great status and confidence to the Iranian nation and rest of the Islamic world.

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